Monday, August 21, 2017

How Trump Is Changing The Mindset On Immigration

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Immigration enforcement has undeniably changed under President Trump’s young administration. And while the end-of-fiscal-year numbers won’t be available for months, we can still predict that the numbers of illegal border-crossers will be down and ICE arrests will be up, for one reason – mindset.
Rhetoric, messaging and setting priorities are all important first steps in implementing any kind of personal, professional or federal improvements. Individuals, for example, are unlikely to reach a personal fitness goal if they wake up every morning and talk themselves out of what they promised to do the night before. A solid commitment must take place even before the diet changes, or the exercise begins. Likewise, change is unlikely to occur within the federal government unless someone proclaims a new message, sets a new vision and takes leadership. Both former President Obama and President Trump took the initiative in changing the narrative regarding immigration.
LINK: ICE director says his agents are just getting started
Under former president Obama’s administration, an open-borders narrative was placed on full display with the DHS implementation of the “Morton and Johnson Memos.” The policy set forth three priorities in descending order for deporting illegal aliens: --->
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ICE director says his agents are just getting started

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