Friday, August 18, 2017

Festering Participation Trophies

I think I am opposed to removing Confederate monuments. I have no firm conviction the matter. What appears to be festering wounds to a few amounts to participation trophies dedicated to a losing cause. And while I have no strong conviction either way, I have a very strong conviction that the move to purge the monuments is not really about the monuments and that once these monuments are gone the very same people will turn to founding fathers and others before turning on people. We are more or less going through an American cultural revolution by increasingly violent marxists and opportunistic politicians.
“The mob on the left has the media willing to treat it heroically — comparing a group of anarchists and molotov cocktail throwing terrorists to World War II heroes. ”
Most people I know do not care much about the monuments. They are a part of history and a reminder of a history that still scars the land. They are landing pads for pigeon poop in most cases. But I am finding that as the left gins up more and more animosity towards the monuments a lot of other people are suddenly finding themselves caring about the monuments. It has all the makings of a negotiation with terrorists for many. Either tear down the statues or be shamed, boycotted, or ruined. That pisses off a lot of people who might not otherwise care, but who may have a mild familial attachment to their heritage.
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