Sunday, August 13, 2017

Did The Obama Administration Cover Up North Korea’s Mini-Nuke?

Christopher Dilts/Bloomberg via Getty Images
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Successive presidents have kicked the can down the road. President Trump is finally taking the threat seriously.
Nobody obtains the bomb overnight. The North Korean nuclear crisis has been a long time coming, as successive presidents have kicked the can down the road. While President Bill Clinton struck a farcical “deal” with North Korea to “freeze and then dismantle its nuclear program,” it was the next Democratic politician to assume office, President Obama, who ignored dire warnings about the nuclear threat.
According to PJ Media’s Debra Heine, Obama even attempted to downplay intelligence assessments suggesting that North Korea had found a way to construct miniaturized nuclear weapons perfect for mounting on missiles as warheads.
“In 2013, Obama not only downplayed the Defense Intelligence Agency's intelligence report about Korea's mini nukes -- He attempted to discredit it,” reports Heine.”The White House media echo-chamber was -- as always -- happy to go along with the ruse.”
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