Friday, August 4, 2017

DETERRENCE: President Trump's Virtual Border Wall

Confounding his critics, President Trump has already built his big beautiful border wall. Illegal immigration on the southern border has plummeted. Mexico didn't pay for the wall — nor did U.S. taxpayers.
Trump's new barrier is a virtual wall. Nothing newfangled, yet it is the strongest of all possible barriers. It is a psychological blockade called deterrence — the deterrent effect of actually enforcing immigration law.
Government immigration statistics through June and recently reported anecdotes from south of the border reveal the marvels achieved by deterrence.
Since the President issued his executive orders reversing his predecessor's blanket exemption of most illegal immigrants from enforcement of immigration laws, attempted illegal entries on the southern border have dropped precipitously.
Homeland Security reports that apprehensions have plummeted from an annual average about 500,000 over the last five fiscal years to an annualized rate of 235,000 in five months under Trump.
Compared to the same period last year, "the border is down 78%," as Trump said in his immigration speech last week on Long Island. Obviously, these numbers don't include those who succeed in crossing the border illegally, but, no doubt, there's been a proportional drop.
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