Friday, August 25, 2017

Conservatives Ask Trump To ‘Fire’ Group Trying To Alter Monuments To The Founding Fathers

A conservative group is calling for the Department of the Interior to cut ties with a non-profit organization currently raising funds for a National Park Service (NPS) overhaul of the Jefferson Memorial.
The Trust for the National Mall (TNM) raises private funds for NPS projects on the National Mall, which gives the nonprofit some influence over how the monuments are managed, The Washington Examiner reports.
The conservative group Americans for Limited Government (ALG) took issue with some of the most recent renovations scheduled for the memorial — particularly updates to an exhibit on Jefferson’s history.
“Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke needs to set the record straight that a private non-profit group … does not control memorial or museum content on the National Mall,” ALG President Ric Manning said in a statement. “If the ‘Trust’ insists on changes, the Department of Interior should discontinue all ties with the group.”
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