Thursday, August 24, 2017

Black Lives Matter? Well, the Liberal Ones Do, Anyway

Black lives matter – unless they are black men who have endured discrimination both before and during the modern civil rights movement, managed to overcome racism and mistreatment, suffered through absurd allegations of sexual harassment that were drummed up and given embarrassing national media coverage by white men, managed to become the most powerful black political figure in America, author over 500 Supreme Court opinions, and through it all maintain a quiet dignity that is almost unparalleled in our history.
Black lives matter unless you are talking about the black life of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
By now, most are aware that the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History will be including items like shoes and a game-worn jersey of national anthem protestor Colin Kaepernick in their Black Lives Matter exhibit. To me, that isn’t the issue. A museum of African American history, if it’s going to exist separately and segregated from the Museum of American History, would logically include key figures in movements (like Black Lives Matter) that chronicle the experiences of significant numbers of black Americans.
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