Saturday, July 29, 2017

Which Way Will Conservatives Go?

Rod Dreher had the most interesting tweet of the weekend.
I share his lack of confidence in the outcome. There is rapidly developing on the right a group of tribalists who think all they have left is beating the left and, in so doing, they become more and more each day just like the left.
Consider intersectionalism for a moment. You should get comfortable with the term because it is the buzz word of the decade on the left. It posits that we must take into account the whole person to determine levels of power and degrees of discrimination. So, in other words, a heterosexual, Christian, white male has maximum power and minimal chances to be discriminated against, while a black, transgender, lesbian has near minimal power and maximum chance of being discriminated against. The result is that any black transgender lesbian must be put in a position of power over everyone else and no one can second guess that person without it being their privilege talking. It lets loose a Lord of the Flies atmosphere on the left now set loose on college campuses.
A liberal in good standing can soon find herself tied to the post at an academic firing line because she did not recognize that though hermaphrodite and lesbian, she was both an actual, genuine she and white — therefore she has way too much privilege and had no business telling the transgender hispanic midget not to talk in class.
Read the rest from Erick Erickson HERE.

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1 comment:

cimbri said...

Another silly article that tries to obscure policy differences with those well worn phrases "rule of law" etc.

It's not conservative to over rule a president on foreign policy and apply sanctions on another country. Presumably most conservatives know that foreign policy is vested in the president.

It's not conservative to try to over rule Trump if he has Mueller dismissed. The Constitution puts prosecutorial power in the Executive Branch, headed up by Trump.

These new conservatives - they need to study the Constitution. Their overly dainty attitude about American governance is confusing their outlook.