Saturday, July 22, 2017

Ted Cruz: Trump's Iran Deal Certification a 'Serious Mistake'

Other senators want Trump administration to crack down on the Islamic Republic's non-nuclear activities.
Texas senator Ted Cruz dubbed the Trump administration’s certification that Iran is fully implementing the 2015 nuclear deal a “serious mistake” Wednesday.
President Donald Trump reluctantly approved certification earlier in the week—the announcement was sandwiched between news of additional non-nuclear sanctions on Tehran and criticism that the country is “in violation of the spirit of the agreement” with its destabilizing activities across the Middle East.
“It was a serious mistake,” Cruz told THE WEEKLY STANDARD. “They should not have certified compliance.”
He said that the deal should be ripped up wholesale, as Trump once pledged on the campaign trail.
“My preference would be to scrap the deal entirely, but at a minimum the administration has committed to vigorously enforcing the deal, and they need to do that,” he said. “There is no greater threat to national security on the face of the planet than the threat of a nuclear Iran.”
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