Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pretending That Trump Is Right to Be Angry at Sessions Isn’t Serious

The president’s attacks on Jeff Sessions are fascinating because, as Victor notes below, they undermine so much of the case for Trump himself. As I noted in last week’s G-File, there was a time when the case for Trump among many conservatives rested to a significant degree on Sessions’s support for him. Now, the case against Sessions rests entirely on Trump’s lack of support for the attorney general. Sessions, for good or ill, has not changed. The only thing that’s changed is Trump’s “interests.” I put interests in quotes because I think, objectively speaking, it is not in his interest to fire Sessions or force him to quit. But Trump sees it differently.
One of the things I find most remarkable about all this is how the case for Trump always seems to come back to Hillary Clinton, who — I can report — is not the president of the United States or even a candidate.
I constantly hear that I can’t get over the election and the fact that Trump won. Having taken a vigorous personal inventory of my feelings, I can tell you that I don’t believe this to be the case. But it does seem like some people can’t let go of the election. Every night, Sean Hannity beats on the “real scandal” of Hillary Clinton, as if that story has anything to do with the facts of the Trump presidency. If there’s good reason to investigate or prosecute Hillary Clinton, I’m all for it. But even if Clinton had the book thrown at her, it would not affect the investigations into Trump. In reality, they are independent variables. But in the gaseous world of shout shows and Twitter, they are somehow linked. The binary, seesaw logic of the election still holds that if Hillary is down, Trump is up. It’s all so otherworldly.
All the more so because it was Donald Trump who said after he was elected that Hillary had “suffered enough”: --->
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1 comment:

cimbri said...

Conservatives are showing again why the nationalists had to take the pivotal role in fighting liberals. Cons are just too wrapped up in theory and principles to know when they're being screwed. Sessions was an utter and complete fool for letting the liberal media and associated entities, bully him into recusing. It was one of the great political blunders of all time.

Notwithstanding that, the damage is done so Trump probably should just keep Sessions on.