Monday, July 17, 2017

President Trump's Travel Ban is Back at the Supreme Court

It didn't take long for the Supreme Court's decision on President Trump's travel ban to reach the ... Supreme Court.
But the latest battle isn't over whether travelers from predominantly Muslim nations can be barred from entering the United States, or which countries are included. It's about picking and choosing who can get in and who must stay out.
The Justice Department asked a federal appeals court Saturday to block a federal district judge's ruling Thursday allowing more immigrants and refugees into the country.
Federal district court Judge Derrick Watson
By changing the government's interpretation of the Supreme Court's June 26 decision, which partially restored the travel ban after a series of lower court defeats, the department argued that the latest order invites "precisely the type of uncertainty and confusion that the government has worked diligently to prevent."
The administration also asked the Supreme Court late Friday to clarify its June ruling by allowing the more stringent requirements on travelers that the government had imposed. The justices gave lawyers for Hawaii, which initiated the challenge, until Tuesday to respond. --->
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