Tuesday, July 11, 2017

President Trump: On second thought, that joint cybersecurity thing with Russia can’t happen

Everyone else in the administration has changed their story on Russia at some point. Why can’t the president?
He tweeted the following on Sunday morning, a matter of hours after WaPo reported that Russian hackers have penetrated U.S. nuclear companies’ business networks:
Then, last night
Why mention the chitchat about a joint cyber effort in the first place if it’s a palpably insane idea that “can’t” happen? All that would do, and did do, is expose the president to ridicule from the entirety of Twitter, including members of his own party: --->
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, collusion isn't looking so FAKE NEWSy now, is it?

The Trumps are all liars. Like Father like son.

The emails show the Trump campaign went to the meeting believing it was the Russian government willing to hand over info on Hillary.

That is clearly collusion, (for all but you Trump dingbats.)

I can't wait to see them all go down, including every R who ever defended Trump.

This nonsense has to stop.