Saturday, July 22, 2017

President Trump Not Quite Ready To Kill ObamaCare Subsidies

If the new White House strategy in the wake of the Senate collapse on healthcare reform is to “let ObamaCare fail,” as Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened, he’ll have his chance tomorrow. That’s when a decision has to be made on payments of health-insurance subsidies to carriers for the tax credits on ObamaCare exchange plans. House Republicans have fought those payments in court for the last three years, but Trump has repeatedly threatened to cut them off, only reluctantly agreeing to extend them in May while Congress worked on a comprehensive repeal-and-replace plan.
At least for now, the threat remains — but the action has been put off again. Axios’ David Nather reports that Trump will allow the payments to continue:
It’s official: The Trump administration will make the cost-sharing reduction payments to health insurers this month, an administration official confirmed to Axios this afternoon. That will buy a bit more time as the Senate struggles to determine the fate of the Affordable Care Act. The payments are due at the end of this week.
However, Mick Mulvaney warned yesterday that it’s an ongoing decision, open to change at any time. As Paul Demko and Josh Dawsey put it at Politico, Trump has the fuse in his hands and could touch off the blast that kills ObamaCare, even if he doesn’t do it tomorrow. But will that shift the blame for what follows?
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