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Op-ed: Diversity and Political Correctness... the Bane of Us All

Diversity and Political Correctness...
the Bane of Us All
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio
"She didn't have to die."
- former Minneapolis Police Chief Jane√© Harteau 
Buzz words...unfortunately in today's world it seems political buzz words set the tone for both public policy and public cover-ups. Take for example these two buzz words...'diversity' in the inclusion of people of different races or cultures into the fabric of our American society...and 'political correctness' in the avoidance of language and/or actions deemed to be excluding, marginalizing, or insulting towards any given group of people. Unfortunately, these buzz words appear linked together more times than not and seem to be the property of the left to use solely against the right.
And sometimes buzz words, especially when coupled with actions, do come back to haunt as 'diversity' in the name of 'political correctness' can and does have dire consequences. Take one recent example involving the murder of Justine Ruszczyk Damond, the Australian bride-to-be who was fatally shot by Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor, after she called 911 to report a sexual assault behind her home. Clad in a bathrobe. Damond approached the driver’s side of the squad car to talk to the officers, but instead Noor opened fire on the unarmed woman from the passenger side, killing her instantly with one bullet to the abdomen.
So how does diversity and political correctness come into play in regards to this case? In regards to diversity... Mohamad Noor...a devout muslim of Somali descent with just 21 months on the job and with a known history of an 'attitude' towards say those who know him... was needed as a 'token' of sorts to show how diverse and inclusive the Minneapolis Police Department was in regards to its hiring practices. In other words, Noor was hired in the name of muslim 'inclusion' as espoused in the doctrine known as political correctness...hired so as not to offend or leave off the force a Somali muslim...hired to placate Minneapolis' large and ever-growing Somali muslim population.

Entering an accelerated police cadet program that required only seven months of training in order to wear the badge and patrol the streets, Noor was fast-tracked into entering said program, never mind that critically absent from this fast-track program was and still is must-needed field experience...experience proven missing by how ill-prepared this muslim officer was to handle a routine police call...a routine call that occurs daily in the world beyond the muslim enclave in which Noor lived.
And in an attempt to protect the Minneapolis PD's call for diversity and to do so via the application of all things deemed politically needed when protecting a person of minority status against what the left considers the lunatic far right...the circling of the wagons to protect this muslim cop has been set into motion. And sadly that includes the fact that while the Minneapolis PD's Internal Affairs Unit can “compel” Officer Noor...who still refuses to be interviewed by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension which is investigating the give a statement as part of its own investigation into what happened in the early morning hours of July 15th and then fire Noor if he refuses to cooperate. It also means that any statement Noor does give cannot be used against him in any criminal investigation, including in an internal use-of-force investigation, which is standard any time an officer discharges a weapon.
And the circle of protection in the name of diversity is complete.
But what is most grievous in all this is that an innocent woman is dead while a muslim officer is being protected so as not to upset the diversity applecart for this incident is being portrayed in the name of political correctness by the media as nothing but “one individual's actions” no matter that the body cameras of both the officers on scene which should have been turned on were not...I mean how convenient is that.
Diversity and its counterpart political correctness score one...and the victim scores is usually the case.
And this is but one example of many where there is no justice for the true victim but the minority perpetrator is made into or hailed as a hero or is media twisted into becoming the victim himself, all in the name of protecting diversity fueled on in the name of political correctness to the nth degree. 
But the fact is that both racial and ethnic diversity for diversity's sake alone especially when fueled on in the name of political correctness...which is actually just another name for a detriment to society. Too much diversity within the confines of any given area...whether it be a town, a city, or a country... divides people instead of uniting them for it waters down the commonalities that should be used to unite us and assimilate, replaces it with a belief system both foreign to us and many times counter to the beliefs, morals, and values that define us as Americans. In fact, in today's America large scale immigration into our country...whether legally or illegally...of any one group of people causes harm to the very fabric of our nation's society for it seems of late that said group of people instead of assimilating into American society expect American's not only to assimilate into their culture but to put their cultural norms above our own. 
Simply, when the reality of what is actually happening finally sets in, and when that which is politically correct gets pushed to the side, the indisputable fact that remains is the more diverse a population becomes the less the needs of the collective whole gets taken into consideration as politics and policy set will always have those in power pandering to the largest segment of the given population they represent whether it be American citizens or those living here without citizenship. In other words, the call for diversity allows for the imposing of special treatment for some at the expense of others...many times with the political reward being needed votes garnered.
And this causes both verbal divisiveness and physical conflict not just between opposing cultures but within the subcultures of the minorities themselves. You can see this in action in the black inner cities across America with middle class blacks having to defend themselves against the mentality of those blacks believing that they are 'entitled' to what others have without having to work for it; you can see it in the Hispanic barrios where the young people who want to assimilate come up against gangs who will kill them if they do; and you will especially see it in the muslim enclaves replete with 'No Go' zones and with sharia law being placed above the Constitution. And feeding into and fueling on this divisiveness is the politicians who pander to the wants and demands of these minorities strictly for their above said votes.
Now do you see how political correctness trumps that which is both morally right and many times even trumps laws already on the books. And it is all done in the name of diversity now being labeled as political correctness for they are indeed one in the same yet at the same time political correctness can stand alone as an entity solely unto itself. 
Let me explain...simply...the push for diversity could not exist without political correctness fueling it on but political correctness can and does exist even if it does not have the concept of diversity itself to feed upon. Political correctness and it's touchy-feely counterpart called 'sensitivity' know where simple words might hurt some one's itty-bitty feelings...has caused even the small differences that divide us to become almost insurmountable differences.

Remember, political correctness calls for silence...for specific designated things to remain unspoken. And if the political powers that be dictate that you cannot speak of the enemy, of race, of religion, of cultural differences, or even of political differences themselves, then the entire premise of diversity simply cannot exist for diversity it demands...conversation if it is to succeed otherwise diversity forced upon us becomes what amounts to both a tangible here-and-now physical invasion as well as an invasion of our thoughts...for politically 'correct-speak' regarding the invaders will eventually become the rule of the day.
And that is the point we are at today for in the name of diversity we are forced to tolerate those invading our shores...we are forced to accept those whose culture goes against everything our Judeo-Christian society believes in and holds dear...from religious beliefs to our societal norms as our country is turned upside down as political correctness itself, driven by a media out of control, becomes the consummate 'Big Brother' to watch over us all.
And you know what is the scariest thing of all...incidents like Minneapolis where “she didn't have to die” are becoming all too commonplace, and when folks excuse those happenings or just push them aside because the politicians have us believing that diversity is more important than an innocent life lost, then you know this country is in truly serious trouble... even more than we ever thought so before. 
Bottom line...I red, white, and blue America back and diversity and political correctness be damned.

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