Monday, July 24, 2017

If Trump pardoned himself, what percentage of Republicans would support him?

The headline is a question that occurred to me last night, reading that story about the White House chattering about pardons. When I tossed it out on Twitter, the range of replies that came back ran from 30-40 percent to 80 percent and up. I’m on the low end: I think it’d probably split 40/30/30 between support/oppose/not sure, with roughly a third of the party torn between partisan loyalty and alarming red-font headlines about Trump igniting a constitutional crisis. Not coincidentally, 40/30/30 is also about equal to the spread we saw among GOPers when they were asked whether Don Jr’s meeting with the Russian lawyer was appropriate or not. Clearly the right is a bit more tentative lately about Russiagate.
It’s easy for Republicans to say what Don Jr did was inappropriate, though. They didn’t vote for him and what happens to him legally has no bearing on their lives. Don Sr is a different story. Professional pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson thinks support for a Trump self-pardon would start off fragile on the right so long as it remains hypothetical — but once Trump actually did it and his critics brought down the hammer, the wagons would be duly circled.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No president is above the law. He has sworn to uphold the law. His vow obviously meant exactly nothing to him.

He doesn't even know what The Constitution is, for crying out loud.

He thinks he's a dictator.

And, BTW, will someone please ask Trump just one simple little question about the GOP healthcare plan? Or, ObamaCare?

The man KNOWS NOTHING. He has no idea what is in either one.

He, and the GOP get a big fat "F" on healthcare.