Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Deportations Off To Good Start, but Still Plenty To Go

Making America great again — one deportation at a time.
Every day, it seems, more illegal immigrants are being booted out of the country. It’s long, long overdue, and I love reading the excuses their taxpayer-funded lawyers come up with for their one-man crime sprees.
Every time I hear one of these sob stories, I think to myself, “One down, 30 million to go!”
Take John Cunningham, the Irish illegal immigrant who lived in Brighton and claimed to be an electrical contractor, even though he had no license. Like so many illegal immigrants, Cunningham had an arrest warrant out for him when he was pinched, after he had gone on Irish TV and bragged about living here.
Back in 2003, he got a 90-day visa and then just … forgot. You can sympathize, can’t you? I mean, if you get pulled over by a cop three days after your car registration expired, he’d accept that I-just-forgot excuse, right?
No, if you were lucky, you’d get a citation. If you weren’t, your car might be towed and you might be taken away in handcuffs.
On this one, the headline from The Washington Post tells it all: “ICE nabs teenager hours before his senior prom.”
Oh well, I’m sure they have proms in Ecuador, and if not, well, it’ll always be one of the kid’s fondest memories of America, along with indoor plumbing and EBT cards.
Read the rest from Howie Carr HERE.

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