Tuesday, June 27, 2017

When The Mouth Leads The Brain: Why Didn’t Obama Do Anything About Something I Said Never Existed?

This is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of why Trump supporters are regularly FORCED TO PLAY CLEAN-UP when the President says something (he's said the opposite of before). Doesn't he realize OR CARE how this makes him look?
Donald Trump denied on more than one occasion that the Russians attempted to meddle in the 2016 election even as late as a few days ago. Once the story broke in The Washington Post about Obama’s lack of a response to the meddling, President Trump took on a whole new outlook.
Going back over 2016, Donald Trump denied Russian involvement in election interference on a number of occasions:
September 2016During the first presidential debate, Trump made his first public denial.
October 2016During the second presidential debate, Trump suggested there was no hacking at all and why Russia was blamed.
December 2016After the election, Trump rejected a CIA assessment that said Russia intervened in the election in the hopes he’d win. “I don’t believe it.”
December 2016Trump’s transition team dumped on the CIA pointing to their assessment that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction
Read the rest from Jay Caruso HERE.

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cimbri said...

Obviously Trump was making a rhetorical argument, which accepts the oppositions argument in order to make a point.

Anonymous said...

No Cimbri.

Trump IS A DOPE.

The man has no thoughts. His brain is empty.

If you ask him ONE SINGLE THING the house or senate healthcare plan does, or is, he will tell you, "oh it's going to be great".

He literally cannot answer a single question about it.

I know more about it than he does.

And that is a problem, just like everything else.


Anonymous said...

Cimbri, Trump doesn't know the meaning of the word rhetorical.

That is some strong koolaid you're drinking.


cimbri said...

You know who else couldn't answer detailed questions about policy? That other very successful president, Ronald Reagan. It may not always be pretty, but Trump gets it done. All that matters is results and Trump produces.