Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Send Leakers to Jail

Washington’s blabocracy is endangering our national security.
The next time President Donald J. Trump thinks about national-security leakers, he should shout this four-letter word: “Jail!”
Washington has become riddled with leaks. They far exceed gossip whispered to journalists to hamper political rivals. Breaking news that Steve Bannon oversalts his eggs or Reince Priebus blasts his speaker phone would be distracting and foster strife, not harmony. Such infantilism merits discipline or, ultimately, dismissal.
Relentless leaks of state secrets are something completely different.
When reports of President Trump’s combative discussion with Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull emerged in February, they reflected poorly on Trump. This may have been what senior officials intended when they peddled these secrets. These leakers also sent world leaders a simple message: Whatever you tell Trump may be in the papers within hours. So, watch your words. Or avoid his calls.
This obstructs U.S. diplomacy.
Read the rest from Deroy Murdock HERE.

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