Saturday, June 10, 2017

Rand Paul op-ed: We should repeal Obamacare like Republicans promised, not just “fix” it

AP Photo/Zach Gibson
Just when you think Republicans might move away from the bad ideas that are Obamacare-lite, stories are cropping up about the GOP looking at resurrecting or even expanding Obamacare’s Cadillac tax (In fact, it is already a part of Obamacare that is kept in the Paul Ryan plan).
Why? Primarily because it brings in revenue that the GOP wants to use to keep another Obamacare retread—federal subsidies for health insurance.
Proponents of taxing what they consider “excessive” insurance somehow believe they know better than you do how much insurance you need. Curiously, these same people would likely not be so presumptuous as to assert that consumers are spending too much on iPads, but when it comes to healthcare, all respect for consumer choice or free markets seems to evaporate.
I remember in the good old days when Republicans were not in favor of new taxes or new subsidies or dictates on how much insurance a person should buy. But that was a long time ago when the Tea Party stoked the nation’s consciousness, and the GOP rose to capture all three branches of government.
Now, though, we are told, “we must govern.” To many Republicans, that somehow means we should abandon precisely the philosophy that brought us into power. Curious and disappointing it is to so quickly forget what was promised the voter.
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