Tuesday, June 13, 2017

President Trump's Travel Ban Struck Down By Second Appeals Court

Photo: Jason Jason Redmond, AFP/Getty Images)
President Trump's effort to restrict travel from six predominantly Muslim countries suffered another in a string of legal setbacks Monday when a second federal appeals court said it discriminated based on nationality and lacked justification based on national security.
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit based its ruling on federal immigration law rather than the Constitution's religious protections, thereby highlighting several ways the travel ban could be struck down by the Supreme Court, where it's headed next. Most other courts have ruled that the ban discriminates against Muslims.
The panel of three judges, all appointed by President Bill Clinton, also handed the Trump administration an olive branch that could do more harm than good: It overturned one part of a federal district court judge's ruling that the government claimed had blocked a 90-day review of current vetting procedures. That starts the clock on a process which could render the overall case moot in three months, if the Supreme Court has not ruled by then.
Even as the 9th Circuit panel released its 78-page decision, challengers to the travel ban from Hawaii and Maryland submitted their final arguments to the Supreme Court, which could decide two things soon: whether to hear the case now or in the fall, and whether to let the ban go into effect in the meantime.
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