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Op-ed: Master of Illusion...Perpetrator of Collusion

Master of Illusion...Perpetrator of Collusion
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

We had no indication prior to the election that adversaries were planning cyber operations against election infrastructure that would change the outcome of the 2016 election.” - Samuel Liles, acting director of the DHS Cyber Division 

He thought he had moved the pieces on the chess board in such a way as to not only assure that Hillary would be anointed president, but in such a way as to checkmate the enemy in the outside chance that she did not win...in the outside chance the American people were fooled, bamboozled, or were just he thought stupid enough to elect a man whose presidency he would need to bring down.

And so he lined up his pawns, being ever so careful to pick and chose those he thought would serve him well and he did the same with those he chose to be the behind-the-scenes manipulators and string pullers...string pullers he thought had enough political smarts that they knew the ways of how not to be caught. But as events unfolded the fact was shown that sometimes even he who thinks himself all powerful and all knowing can and does misjudge the very ones whose strings he pulls...and so he becomes exposed as not the chess master he thought himself to be but the court jester in the true chess king's court.

So when all the puppets, the manipulators, and string pullers are played in such a way as to remove them from the game board, the piece left on the board is not the one who thought himself the chess master but is the one who actually was the architect of all things anti-Trump. And while first in one's mind is probably sore-loser Hillary Clinton...a 'she' thinking herself powerful enough to be considered a political 'he'...know that while she most assuredly is part of those who laid the ground work and perpetrated the lies of Russian 'supposed' involvement in the 2016 election...also know that she is not smart enough to lay out the all-important time line of what would happen when, where, how, and to whom.

Nor is it the 6' 8" giant of man named James Comey... former F.B.I Director and Hillary protector James Comey...for no matter his size or the position he once held he is a weak and cowardly man...a man who fell for President Trump's cleverly crafted chess move of 'what if tapes existed' of conversations said...he is a man who folded under pressure not for altruistic reasons but because he knew he had to save both his and Hillary's sorry selves for fear of his becoming yet another victim left in the wake of the Clinton's, I believe, body count numbers.

And then there's former Attorney General Loretta Lynch...another 'she' who thinks herself still powerful enough to be a political 'he'...who met with Billy-Boy Clinton himself on a tarmac in Phoenix AZ not to talk about grandkids and golf as they first claimed, but who now say they cannot talk because 'supposedly' what they discussed involved national security information and as such is not for public consumption. Oh really, then what about AG Lynch discussing 'supposed' national security issues with a man who was then and remains now a private citizen. Guess there's is a lot of 'ooops' going around on that one.

And dare we not forget the collective 'he' known as the mainstream media...the bishops of sort always riding across the chess board on horseback to help 'save the Democrat's very bad day'...or at least to help deflect the attention off of who is the real architect of the 24/7 'fake news' story that then-candidate Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election away from Hillary.

But when the strategy used via secrets kept is the hoped for final move that would allow a checkmate position to be had...when that strategy 'somehow' makes it into the public domain...there not only is no checkmate but the one architect of this so vile a game plan is now exposed as Barack HUSSEIN Obama himself.

Now we knew that along didn't we...if we didn't we should have.

And why is Obama the architect of all things anti-Trump...simply because Obama knew about 'supposed' Russian hacking activity directed at U.S. political parties, think tanks, and other targets in early August 2016. And how did he know...because it was then C.I.A. Director John Brennan himself who alerted Obama to possible Russian election interference as well as telling him that in no way could the Russians interfere with the all-important voter tabulations and that the "integrity of the vote" was secure.

And yet with the election being mere months away, and with it now being known that DNC computer systems were indeed breached in the summer of 2015 and again in the spring of 2016, Obama still did not say or do a thing about it, thus willingly and maliciously also covering-up what he was eventually told by Brennan. And he knew well that his silence would buy him the time needed to both plan and set in motion his now being formulated scenario to 'blame the Russians' if by some chance Hillary lost...something we all know she was never expected to do what with all the illegal and dead votes Obama had waiting in the wings ready to be cast for Hillary's first term in office...actually what he knew would be his third term in office.

It is the hardest thing about my entire time in government to defend, I feel like we sort of choked,” said a former senior Obama administration official involved in White House deliberations on what to do about Russia, but said on the condition that he would  remain anonymous

So what was Obama's response upon learning from the C.I.A. in August that the Russians were 'supposedly' trying to influence the election in Donald Trump's favor.. .they were mere token responses actually not taken until late December 2016...five months after he found out...symbolic responses made to placate his critics and quiet down those who demanded he do something as he still needed a bit more time to finalize the last details of his 'Trump colluded with the Russians' nonsensical scenario.

According to a recent Washington Post article some key staffers said that Obama's actions finally taken against Russia were "modest" at best, with others claiming they were not "aggressive" enough because Obama did not want to "make things worse" with Putin, while still others stood by Obama and his decisions made. And those decisions consisted of his issuing some token economic sanctions on Russia in late 2016...economic sanctions so narrowly targeting that some who helped design them stated their impact was largely symbolic especially since those sanctions were put in place to punish Russia for other issues and not specifically for their hacking and 'supposed' collusion.

And those actions also included Obama approving but never using...I repeat...never using...a previously undisclosed covert measure that authorized the planting of cyber-weapons into Russia’s infrastructure...cyber-weapons referred to as 'digital bombs'... digital bombs that could be remotely detonated to help prevent us from becoming the target of further Russian cyber-threats or if we found ourselves "in an escalating exchange with Moscow"...yet never once saying specifically what 'escalating' meant.

And oh yes, girlie-man Obama also told Vladimir Putin, aka the Russian-bear, to “cut it out." when they met at the G-20 Summit in China. How Putin must have been shaking in his steel-toed boots with that one.

So basically Obama did nothing of true substance as he, I believe, fervently worked to set in motion (with the help of James Comey, Hillary Clinton, and not surprisingly then-National Security Adviser Susan Rice who ordered the National Security Council to "finalize" the above list of "modest" options to use against Russia), what he saw as his payback for not just an election lost, but for an election lost that angered his New World Order string pullers, for now their 2020 and 2050 agenda got set back as well.

And no matter how hard the media works to keep the Trump/Russia blame game in the forefront of the 24/7 news cycle, to date no evidence whatsoever has been found by anyone...neither Democrat or Republican...to prove that candidate Trump colluded with anyone let alone the Russians. And even after the late-July 2016 WikiLeaks dump...which quite coincidentally (yeah right) just happened to come on the eve of the Democratic convention...saw U.S. intelligence officials continuing to express their uncertainty about who was behind the hacks or even why they were carried out.

Also, has there been no evidence found that President Trump or the White House tried to obstruct justice or close down any Congressional or federal investigation. In fact, fired F.B.I. Director James Comey himself, under oath, told Congress that Trump never obstructed justice, and former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson also said U.S. intelligence officials continued to express "uncertainty" about who was behind the hacks or why they were carried out. And with us now knowing that Obama knew that the Russians were hacking into certain key Democratic Party data networks for months leading up to the election...just as we do to theirs in the game called spying I might add...and that as he did virtually nothing to stop them...logic dictates that all roads lead back to Obama.

And while Barack HUSSEIN Obama differed with now sore-loser Hillary Clinton in the fact that he accepted that Donald Trump won the election not by voter fraud or voter intimidation (as he had done during his second election and as Hillary had just tried to do), but simply by his playing by the rules...as in candidate Trump understanding that Electoral College votes 'trump' the popular vote, leading him to work even harder in those swing states whose electoral votes he needed to win...states Hillary ignored because she assumed she was a shoe-in...no need to waste time campaigning in those states she was told.

Bad political advice given coupled with sheer stupidity fueled on by arrogance and narcissism alone cost Hillary the presidency and thus denied a very angry Obama his third term in office. And know payback for that had to be not only the proverbial bitch slap, but it had to be payback with no prisoners taken.

And so Obama's hoped for political take-down of now President Trump began in earnest, beginning even before Trump was sworn in, and it began while Obama laid low by traveling the world doing God only knows what. And this so-called 'resistance movement' was then and continues to be now brutal in its applications, and shows no sign of abating as it moves ever forward in its allowing a simple federal investigation to morph into an outright witch hunt into everything Trump. And Obama did not have to lift a finger to make it all happen for his lack of serious actions when he was first informed of the Russian hacking not only helped him construct his revenge but set his quest for that revenge in motion.

And it also shows his U.N. New World Order puppet masters that he is trying...that he is begging...for the chance to make-up for what amounts to basically screwing the ones he dare not screw as they hold the key to his securing the coveted U.N. Secretary General position...a position that would allow him to push forward the islamic agenda he truly adheres to.

Simply stated, all this Russian nonsense does indeed lie at Obama's feet for he is the one who obstructed justice with his silence...he is the one who concocted the whole Trump/Russia/collusion scandal out of his quest for revenge...and he is the one who not only needs to be but must called to task for it. Only then can this Russian nonsense stop...not just because it's nonsense...but because this nonsense is a waste of our taxpayer dollars for as per the words of AG Loretta Lynch herself who said that "no technical interference occurred on election night and any vote counting irregularities that could have impacted the election would have been detected" and as per DHS and intelligence officials "no increased level of malicious cyberactivity aimed at disrupting our electoral process was found on Election Day,” now putting the game into check.

So it's time to move on folks and get back to focusing on the true issues facing us all...as in the economy, jobs, health care, islamic terrorism, the list goes on and on. And the only thing we need to concern ourselves with regarding the Russia nonsense is seeing Barack HUSSEIN Obama being measured for an orange jumpsuit for his being ground zero of this whole sorted mess...checkmate... game over.

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