Monday, June 26, 2017

Op-ed: Arrested for Committing Hate Speech Against Himself

Arrested for Committing Hate Speech Against Himself
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

This past Saturday an American friend Bill Finlay...aka Wild Bill for America...was arrested in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for 'supposed' hate speech on his iPad. Bill was an invited guest asked to speak at the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam.

It all started with this comment and poster he put on his facebook page: "Heading out to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to speak at the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam! Have info that the govt is busing in agitators to make things difficult for us. So please put me and the others on your prayer lists as we take a stand against the most dangerous false religion on earth......and the flaming liberals who love it."

When I heard from Bill a few hours after his arrest at the Calgary airport this is what he told me, "Canada just decided to kick me out so I'm on my way home but it's not over yet. In addition to the unlawful detention, they seized my laptop to send to Ottawa for a 'forensic investigation,' they are determined to get me on something. Plus they are bringing in their tax authority to determine the tariff to slap on the smuggled contraband (my personal notes to myself on Islam's abuse of women and children). And my speech was about the importance of open and honest discussion without fear of the government dragging us away." 

And then in typical Wild Bill humorous fashion Bill said to me that "the notes written to myself that no one could see means I must have committed a hate crime against myself!" All I could say at that point was that Canada has some serious issues...guess Prime Minister Trudeau is an Angela Merkel clone.

Here now is the very speech Wild Bill was to give in Canada...a speech he gave a few weeks ago in Jacksonville, FL. The cops after confiscating his iPad having read the script immediately arrested him for hate speech. Watch the video and you decide if this is hate speech...I sure do NOT think it is...I think it is truth...a truth that must be told:.

Seriously folks...what happened to Bill in Canada can (and sadly most likely will) happen here in our own country if we do NOT put an end to this political correctness nonsense concerning a certain group of in muslims...and their liberal Democrat kumbaya protectors...all of whom do not like us very much.

Thankfully, Bill is now safely home in Florida and is OK...mad but OK...and last night "foreign national" Bill put up this video on his facebook page where in his own words he tells his story of Canadian border police out of control:
I spoke to Bill by phone last night and he will be on Craig and my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS radio show on American Political Radio this Friday, June 30th from 7 to 9pm EST to tell his story and hopefully wake some people up to the dangers 'We the People' face regarding our First Amendment rights and freedoms.

Hope you can tune in at: because this is one show you do not want to miss. Remember, what happened to Bill in Canada can happen to any one of political correctness and the stifling of free speech, if not stopped, will indeed be the death of us all.

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