Friday, June 9, 2017

GOOD READ: Why Do People Still Care About Never Trump?

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After President Trump won the election, we were told, Never Trump died.
That was true.
But the body of Never Trump is still wandering around in the minds of many of the most pro-Trump advocates on the Right.
This is rather puzzling. Never Trump wasn’t a movement but a statement of what some voters would do about the election (not vote Trump, and almost universally, not vote Hillary); when the election was over, Never Trump was over. Now Never Trump conservatives were just American citizens waiting to see what Trump would do, conservatives skeptical of Trump’s abilities but optimistic that perhaps he could overcome their skepticism. Most Never Trumpers used the same calculus to evaluate Trump that we always had: would he be of net benefit to conservatism, or would he be a net detriment? Were his actions good or bad?
This meant that most of those who didn’t vote for Trump on the Right celebrated his pick of Neil Gorsuch, but lamented his botched rollout of his travel ban executive order; celebrated his pullout from the Paris Accord, but thought his Twitter stupidities about wiretapping were distracting and misguided; praised Scott Pruitt’s regulation cutting at the EPA, but criticized his failure to actually appoint most of the executive branch.
We call balls and strikes.
We’re not Never Trump. We’re Sometimes Trump, because Trump is only sometimes useful and conservative. --->
Read the rest from Ben Shapiro HERE.

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cimbri said...

That's just a back and forth antagonism between Ben and some of his twitter followers. The only Nevertrumpers left now, are basically Democrats. Martha, Joel and a few others here have gone over to the other side. It happens. We also lost some soft Republicans when W got elected. Same with Reagan.