Sunday, June 4, 2017

Did Trump Leave The Door Open On The Paris Agreement?

COP Paris
You think the Paris accords are settled? Think again.
We're out. But we might come back. That's what President Trump has decided to do about the Paris climate accord. We're out because the accord is unfair: It allows China to pollute while we can't. It kills millions of jobs. It requires us to pay tens of billions of dollars to foreign countries. And no wonder foreign lobbyists love it, because "they have long sought to gain wealth at America's expense . . . while they laugh at us." In short, our withdrawal from the agreement represents a re-assertion of our sovereignty and control over our own domestic economic agreement. Besides, the accord can't have much effect on global climate.
But the president offered to work with Democrats and those who believe in the accord to negotiate a new agreement that is fair to the United States. So we have issued ourselves a rain check, and the first daughter Ivanka a consolation prize. She, along with most of the business community, argued vigorously for Remain, but lost to the Leaves (to borrow the labels used in Britain to describe the two sides of the Brexit debate).
The Leave camp held a trump card: the president's campaign promise to withdraw because he represents Pittsburgh, not Paris. (Which prompted the mayor of Pittsburgh to announce that his city, which voted 80 percent for Hillary Clinton, will behave as a signatory to the accord. Proof that the old steel mills are gone from his city.)
But the most important event of this week may be that the president never said that climate change is not real—only that the deal struck in Paris to slow it is unfair to the United States.
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