Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Czech Republic Joins Poland, Hungary And Slovakia In Refusing EU-Imposed Refugees

Refugee resettlement has swept across Europe in the last few years, with several nations, like Germany, France and Scandinavia, going all in.
But a few others have been more cautious, worried that a sudden influx of refugees could alter their society. And this group just keeps getting larger.
The Czech Republic last week joined other Central European nations in withdrawing from the European Union’s 2015 migrant resettlement program. The program sought to resettle 160,000 refugees across EU states, but the C.R. is bailing over the ‘’dysfunctionality’’ of the program, Gateway Pundit reports.
In April, Czech Interior Minister, Milan Chovanec, had stated that his government would have to decide whether resistance to the EU’s quotas was worth the massive fines such a refusal would incur. On Monday, Chovanec announced their decision, a definitive withdrawal based on concerns over terrorism and the vetting of migrants, mainly Muslims from the Middle East.
The decision was supported by a majority of parties across the political spectrum, with even left-wing parties, including the Communist Party, welcoming the announcement.
Public opinion in the Czech Republic, and surrounding countries, runs very strongly against immigration, particularly from Islamic countries. --->
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