Thursday, June 8, 2017

Can Trump Really Be Fed Up With Sessions After Just Four Months?

The midweek edition of the Morning Jolt is full of law and order — there’s a [Christopher] Wray of sunshine at the FBI, unnerving reports of friction at the Department of Justice, and a sign that James Comey’s testimony may not be as helpful to Democrats’ dreams of impeachment as they expected…
Can Trump Really Be Fed Up With Sessions After Just Four Months?
This story is deeply troubling – assuming it is true; wariness about unnamed sources is understandable.
President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have had a series of heated exchanges in the last several weeks after Sessions recused himself from the Russia probe, a source close to Sessions told CNN Tuesday.
A senior administration official said that at one point, Sessions expressed he would be willing to resign if Trump no longer wanted him there.
Tuesday afternoon, White House press secretary Sean Spicer declined to say whether Trump has confidence in Sessions.
“I have not had a discussion with him about that,” Spicer said.
As of 9 p.m. ET Tuesday, the White House still was unable to say whether or not the President backs his attorney general, a White House official said. The official said they wanted to avoid a repeat of what happened when Kellyanne Conway said Trump had confidence in Flynn only to find out hours later that the national security adviser had been pushed out.
Remember that huge confirmation fight over Sessions? That was four months ago! What’s the point of going through all that trouble if Trump is going to get into a fight with his attorney general and want to get rid of him by June? Yesterday I mentioned that there are only three people nominated by Trump working in the Department of Justice. Do you think Trump will be better off with only two? And if Trump has this much friction with Sessions, one of his earliest and most enthusiastic supporters, who’s out there who he’s going to work with better?
If Trump did ditch Sessions, how long would it take for him to find a replacement?
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