Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Who Are The Turncoat Republicans Protecting ObamaCare?

Health Reform: Republicans in the House voted nine times to fully repeal ObamaCare when they knew President Obama would veto it. Now that they actually can repeal ObamaCare, dozens of "moderate" Republicans are blocking even a partial repeal.
When House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the American Health Care Act from the floor in late March, it was the conservative Freedom Caucus that caught all the blame. The Wall Street Journal called it the "Freedom From Reality Caucus," and President Trump said "we must fight them" because they weren't "on the team." Time magazine said the biggest obstacle to repealing ObamaCare was "conservatives."
At the time, we noted that only a handful of Freedom Caucus members had come out publicly against that bill — which barely constituted an ObamaCare repeal — while far more "moderate" Republicans said they'd vote no because it repealed too much of ObamaCare.
"It wasn't the Freedom Caucus that caused Ryan to pull it off the floor," we argued.
Tom MacArthur, R-N.J., left, and Rep. Mark Meadows
Turns out we were right. After that debacle, House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows and the co-chair of the moderate GOP Tuesday Group, Tom MacArthur, came up with an amendment that would have enshrined all of ObamaCare's insurance regulations in law — including the "guaranteed issue," "community rating" and "essential health benefit" mandates that are driving insurance prices up and causing insurance companies to abandon the market.
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