Monday, May 29, 2017

WaPo’s Revelations on Kushner and Russia Are More Troubling Than The Story Suggests

I’m not sure what’s worse about this story. That Jared Kushner would actually suggest using Russian secure diplomatic communications facilities for a “back channel” to the Kremlin, or that someone in the U.S. intelligence community leaked that to the Washington Post.
I mean, both are really bad. For a man with Kushner’s background, a senior person in Trump’s inner circle during the campaign, and now an official government employee with (likely) a Top Secret SCI clearance, to have suggested this is beyond naïve. Kushner had to know what it meant, asking the Russians if their own secure diplomatic communications network could be used for “unofficial” back-channel discussions with Kremlin officials.
The meeting in which the alleged conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak occurred took place in December 2016, and came to light in March. At that time, Democrats called for Kushner’s security clearance to be revoked. Now, those calls have been renewed.
I hate to side with anything Democrats–who are prone to blow up even the most innocuous situations into Constitutional crises–advocate. But in this case, if (and I do mean if, which will become clear below) there’s any truth to WaPo’s story, I have to agree. If Kushner suggested using Russian secure crypto gear–presumably to mask communications from prying American ears–he deserves to lose his clearance. He deserves to lose his job, actually.
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Anonymous said...

I have to keep saying it: IMPEACH ALREADY.

Save America and the world any more chaos, and just do it now.

The Republicans are in deep, well-deserved doo-doo.

I couldn't be happier.

We all saw this coming. Everyone knew Trump would be a DISASTER.


Trump kills everything he touches.

This was predictable from July 2015.

The video of him pushing the Prme Minister aside, is just pure Trump.

The man has no brain cells, or shame.


Anonymous said...

This is all a barrel of fun for me.

But it is very disappointing to see people like Paul Ryan sell his soul.

And for what?

A pile of crap.

Gonna be a long dig out for Repubs.


RomneyMan said...

You are advised to consider an anger management course, or similar.