Friday, May 19, 2017

Trump's Worst Enemy Isn't The Media, Weak Republicans, Or The Deep State. IT'S TRUMP

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As I predicted on Tuesday evening, the Republican line of defense regarding President Trump’s myriad foibles has boiled down to this: Trump’s a victim. He’s a victim of the press; he’s a victim of “spineless” Republicans who won’t back his play; he’s a victim of the deep state. In a world of snowflakes, Trump is a veritable one-man blizzard.
Here is the sad truth: President Trump is a victim.
Of himself.
All Republicans have to deal with the same enemies.
The Media: Mitt Romney was targeted as a bad man for supposedly strapping a dog to the top of his car and forcibly cutting a gay kid’s hair back in 1931. John McCain was allegedly a doddering old crazy person who wouldn’t survive a term in office. George W. Bush was a war criminal who sold blood for oil and murdered hundreds of thousands of people to get Halliburton some walking-around money.
Spineless Republicans: Remember Republicans who weren’t willing to defend George W. Bush during his administration? They were plentiful, and they included many of the same players as they do now. Bush was uncouth, according to many of these people; he had lied and people had died. In fact, one of the spineless Republicans who jumped on the bandwagon against Bush was a fellow who had expressed tepid support for the Iraq War, then turned on Bush with a vengeance when things started to go south: a fellow named Donald Trump. As for Congressional Republicans, they wouldn’t even ram through Social Security privatization after Bush’s re-election.
The Deep State: --->
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