Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trump Isn’t Playing 8-D Chess

The president’s character flaws are getting in the way of his agenda.
This week, President Trump proved once again that character matters.
Trump failed miserably on all fronts — not because of his political principles, which were never philosophically conservative, but because Trump is a deeply flawed man, and thus an even more flawed leader. His obsession with others’ perceptions led him to fire FBI director James Comey — who should have been fired, by all rights, months ago — for the sin of failing to respect Trump’s bizarre theories about Obama-era “wiretapping.” Meanwhile, in an act of extreme arrogance, Trump appeared on national television and proceeded to destroy the supposed rationales for the Comey firing. His pathological insecurities then led him to tweet about “tapes” of Comey, which he then refused to allow his communications team to sweep under the rug.
There is no 8-D underwater quantum chess. There is only Trump. And as the so-called law of the lid states in business, the upper limit of a president’s competence can never be superseded by that of his subordinates. And Trump’s competence is tied directly to his character defects.
But many Republicans overlooked character as an argument against Trump, and they continue to do so today, although it is his character that leads him to jump on rakes. --->
Read the rest from Ben Shapiro HERE.

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Anonymous said...

It's impossible for Trump to not be Trump.

This is exactly what we said from DAY ONE.

The list of Trump atrocities is too long to recount.

Suffice to say: he is an idiot.

He can't be president.

It's only a matter of time before he is toast.

He can't and won't change.

He's too stupid.

All you folks who closed your eyes and bought Trump were scammed.

He can't be taught, controlled or made "presidential" by anyone.

Not even if he had better people, and not the clown show he hired.



Anonymous said...

You can't take a person with no honor, integrity, attention span, or IQ and make them a successful president. If you thought so, you are as dumb as he is.


cimbri said...

So far, Trump has had a very successful presidency. Go down the list of his accomplishments and it's pretty amazing so far, especially when compared to past presidents and the enormous establishment opposition he faces.