Friday, May 5, 2017

Trump Drives A Wall Between Himself And The Right

Donald Trump’s promised border wall is dividing the president from his devoted base.
Congressional leaders reached an agreement this week on a spending deal that would fund the government through the end of September and avoid a looming shutdown. Though it includes $1.5 billion for border security, it restricts any of it from going toward the construction of the new wall. The White House pushed the bill as a win for Republicans, while Democrats have gloated over the concessions.
It’s creating a division between Trump and the hard right, who feel he hasn’t done enough to push for the project.
In a column on her website Wednesday, conservative firebrand Ann Coulter said Trump was defeated by the “swamp people” 47-0. She tweeted a link to her column with two scathing headlines — “TRUMP LOSES FIRST BATTLE OF THE WALL” and “BETRAYED BY THE GOP: TRUMP’S FIRST SURRENDER.”
“If this is the budget deal we get when Republicans control the House, the Senate and the presidency, there’s no point in ever voting for a Republican again,” Coulter wrote. “Apparently, Trump’s fine with no wall — and everything else in a bill straight out of George Soros’ dream journal — if only the Democrats hadn’t been so rude as to tell the public about it. When your main complaint is that the other side is gloating too much, maybe you’re not that great a negotiator.”
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