Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Extreme Vetting Has Begun ... Or Has It?

… in Australia:
Yes, it’s extreme vetting season. It was promised to us during the campaign and ties heavily into the President’s travel ban (which is still locked up in court). Only the vetting isn’t taking place here. You probably recall that little dust-up between Donald Trump and Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull shortly after Trump was sworn into office. They had a few differences of opinion which have supposedly since been resolved, but one serious bone of contention was the roughly 1,200 refugees who are being held on two islands off the Australian coast. Barack Obama had made a deal to take them off of Australia’s hands… an agreement which the current president referred to as “dumb.”
Then, Vice President Pence visited and apparently finalized a new deal in which we’d take the refugees after all, providing Turnbull took a bunch of Central American detainees off of our hands in return. Starting a couple of weeks ago, the vetting process for the migrants on Manus Island began. How “extreme” it actually is I leave to the judgement of the reader. (Reuters)
The refugees told Reuters that interviews began with an oath to God to tell the truth and then proceeded for as long as six hours, with in-depth questions on associates, family, friends and any interactions with the Islamic State militant group.
Manus Island is one of two Australian-operated detention centers, which hold nearly 1,300 people who were intercepted trying to reach Australia by boat.
Human rights groups have condemned the intercept policy and the harsh conditions of the camps. Australia says offshore processing is needed as a deterrent after thousands of people drowned at sea before the policy was introduced in 2013.
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