Thursday, May 4, 2017

SWAMP WINS: House Passes ROTTEN Spending Bill With 47 More DemocRATS Voting For it than Republicans

And after DemocRATS save it in the Senate AND TRUMP DOESN'T VETO IT ... HE OWNS IT ... PERIOD!

ALL but 20 DemocRATS voted for this bill. THAT should tell you something:
The House voted Wednesday to approve a bipartisan deal to fund the government through September and prevent a shutdown — at least for the next five months.
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House members voted 309-118 to pass the $1.1 trillion spending bill, which funds federal agencies and boosts defense spending through the remainder of fiscal year 2017. Current funding was set to expire at midnight Friday unless Congress acted. The Senate is poised to approve the legislation no later than Thursday, and President Trump is expected to sign the bill.
They have a reason to look happy
Republicans were divided on the bill, with more than 100 of them voting against it. In contrast, fewer than 20 Democrats opposed the bill.
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