Monday, May 15, 2017

Rather than Rationalizing and Enabling the President’s Behavior, Conservatives Need to Convince Trump That He’s His Own Worst Enemy

(Reuters photo: Jonathan Ernst
... Let’s start . . . here:
Comey firing is a red herring to distract from the fact that Trump hasn’t started building the wall.
— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) May 9, 2017
Now, I don’t think this is actually true, but I’ve been told for months now that I have to get better at taking some things seriously without taking them literally. And I think Ann has a point.
So, I’m going to ask my pro-Trump and passionately anti-anti-Trump friends to just take a step back and ask yourselves: “What does Donald Trump’s manufactured, self-inflicted, and pathological need for drama get us?”
If you’re about to answer “Neil Gorsuch,” the everlasting gobstopper of Trump rationalizations, please hold off one second. If you’re about to answer “judges,” please take a moment as well.
Because the correct answer, in policy terms, is . . . nothing. Actually, less than nothing because all this drama makes getting things done harder.
In the best possible light, all the insanity from the president of the United States is St. Elmo’s Fire, a lightshow to entertain us. It’s a Mexican soap opera without the redeeming sex and cleavage. It’s a reality-TV show without the cat fights, stiletto heels, and thrown glasses of wine.
Ask anybody — off the record, of course — on Capitol Hill about whether all this drama helps them get bills passed or judges confirmed. They will laugh at the question. --->
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Anonymous said...

Impeach already.

Save us, and the world, a bunch of trouble.

Trump is the idiot we knew he was.

Mentally unfit.

Deranged, almost.

Lies his ass off everyday, while his fans scream for more.

We told you this would happen, but you didn't listen.


cimbri said...

Conservatives are MIA as usual. Other than Cruz and few others, most are as useless as Democrats. They're always scared of the same people - WAPO, NYT, etc. What I wouldn't give to have a Congress with the guts of the president.

cimbri said...

The idiots are the Democrats and weak kneed Republicans who continue to play this neocon game that Russia is the enemy, and forget about the actual enemy that has been killing our people on a regular basis. Obama let Russia into Syria. Since they are there, Trump should work with them to defeat the common enemy. Why is this so hard for people to understand.