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Op-ed: A Week That Was Not Good ...Not Good At All

A Week That Was Not Good...Not Good At All
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio
“...I need to see it sooner rather than later. I have my subpoena pen ready.”
– Tweet by House Oversight Chairrman Jason Chaffetz
Just this past Wednesday I posed this question on both my facebook wall and on my blog...why didn't fired F.B.I. Director James Comey come forward sooner with his memo about President Trump...the one ‘supposedly’ where Trump’ asked Comey to stop the investigation into Lt. General Michael Flynn? And my answer was quite simple and to the point...because James Comey needed time to fabricate this nonsense and then carry it out as a smear campaign against President Donald J. Trump.
And then I added that while it is true that payback can be a bitch, the one in this case who will get paid back would not be President Trump but James Comey himself for he alone is digging his hole deeper and deeper every time he opens up his lying, Hillary-loving, traitorous mouth.
And I stand by those words even more so today because now it seems that other memos of James Comey’s have ‘suddenly and miraculously’ surfaced...perfect yet oh so questionable timing I would say...memos in addition to the original memo that alleged that back in February, President Trump tried to thwart the investigation into General Flynn’s possible ties to the Russians. And to add to this boiling pot of innuendos and outright lies is House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz who now says that he will subpoena all of James Comey’s memos...said by the very man who I believe has fallen far from political grace what with his now kumbaya stance concerning those out to kill us all.
And how that pot keeps boiling over, especially with Rep. Trey Gowdy now jumping into the mix. After removing himself from the list of possible F.B.I. directors, Gowdy recently said that, "I don't know that [Oversight Committee chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz] would need to subpoena this memo," when hearing of Chaffetz’s tweet, adding that "If it was read to The New York Times, it would certainly help [if] the FBI would read it to members of Congress."
Now something that one needs to remember is that Trey Gowdy of all people...and know I still highly respect that man...defended James Comey for his decision not to recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her email transgressions. Thinking back to his saying that there were "a lot of reasons" for Comey’s decision...decisions Gowdy alludes to but never really spells out because he says they are marked 'classified' has me wondering why he of all people is again covering, if you will, for Comey, because first, Gowdy knows well that it is not the F.B.I.’s nor Comey’s job to decide whether or not to indict Hillary (or anyone for that matter) as the F.B.I.'s job is solely to investigate and turn their findings over to the DOJ and let the DOJ make the decision to indict or not indict someone. And second, based upon the F.B.I.'s investigation Gowdy knows or should know that a memo is really just hearsay as a memo can be rewritten and re-dated to the time of one’s choosing, and that even email dates can be edited and changed...and so can tweets.

If I was Trey Gowdy I would stay out of this whole sorted mess, because whether some want to hear it or not the fact is that all previous investigations Gowdy has been involved with and even led...while getting major media coverage and bringing forth many unequivocal facts that needed to be told and gotten out to the public...have all gone absolutely nowhere with not even one of those investigations resulting in an indictment against Hillary or anyone else if truth be told.
And this boiling pot need not to have ever boiled over if James Comey had immediately spoken up if he truly believed that the president had crossed a line. And the now circulating talking points as to why he did not do so is that while Comey felt Trump was seeking to impede the investigation he also felt that while his conversation with the president was improper he alone decided to withhold details of it from the agents working on the Russia probe for fear it could possibly taint their investigation.
And if you believe that I’ve got a bridge to nowhere to sell you.

To understand why I say that is to know that James Comey is not the altruistic do-gooder the media is trying to make him out to be for Comey has butted heads with former presidents he worked under, especially with George W. Bush. Briefly, remember back to March 10, 2004, when then Attorney General John Ashcroft was in the hospital and his then-deputy, James Comey, received a call that White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales and Chief of Staff Andrew Card were on their way to the hospital to try to get Ashcroft to reauthorize President Bush's domestic surveillance program, the very program that the Department of Justice had just said was possibly illegal.
When called to testify before Congress concerning that night, Comey stated that he alone made the decision to alert then F.B.I. Director Robert Mueller to go to Ashcroft’s hospital room...and isn’t it more than a bit odd that Mueller of all people is now again involved with Comey...where he got there before Gonzales and Card, resulting in Ashcroft’s refusing to sign Bush’s re-authorization papers. 

And this led to a showdown between the White House and the Department of Justice that Comey said was only settled when President Bush overruled Gonzales and Card no matter their claim that there was nothing illegal about the domestic surveillance program. But that was not before Comey himself, Ashcroft, Mueller, and the sum of their aides prepared a mass resignation in in trying to clean Bush’s house on their terms and their timeline alone.

And what does this proves that while on the surface it might seem that James Comey is an honorable man trying to do the right thing, what it really proves is that even back then just as now James Comey relishes in setting himself up as chief prosecutor, judge, jury, and adjudicator of all things he alone deems improper or questionable even if it means going over the president’s head. What Comey did then and what he has done now is overstep his bounds in any and every way possible to sway the outcome of actions taken or investigations done into his turn them in his make him the hero of sorts...and that seems to be the sole bottom line for James Comey...ego-inflated narcissist that he is.
So where does that leave us now? As per some legal experts Comey’s memos...if they do exist...might indeed provide support for a criminal obstruction of justice case against President Trump, although hardcore evidence would be needed to take this take this all the way to impeachment...the Democrats unmovable bottom line. But there are two things they all forget or choose to ignore. First, the laws pertaining to obstruction dictate the showing that said person willfully tried to influence a probe...basically assuming they could read someone’s mind and know their intent...something that would be supposition something inadmissible in a court of law. 

And second, if James Comey truly felt that that President Trump was obstructing justice he had the legal obligation to immediately bring this to Congress and he did not... meaning a special council should be looking into the lies of disgruntled, out for revenge, fired James Comey not into Russian things that never happened.
And to make this not so good week even worse now comes the sellout of President Trump by some members of his own cabinet what with the D.O.J. now appointing that special council (prosecutor)... as in former F.B.I. Director Robert investigate the very non-existent Russian involvement in the 2016 election that started this whole sorted mess. And what a waste of our taxpayer dollars this is especially since no such involvement has been uncovered by anyone...Democrats date. 
And with the Republicans acquiescing to this madness shame must be placed directly on Attorney General Jeff Sessions for without his approval this move would have gone nowhere, and really what crime has President Trump committed and when did he commit it...with the answer to both being that no crime was committed...  period. And it must be known that by appointing said special in Robert Mueller...all cards are on the table to look into any and all things Trump of his choosing. Remember, this is what Ken Starr of Whitewater infamy did for Starr started out investigating Watergate but ended up having impeachment charges brought against Bill Clinton not for Whitewater but for an affair in the Oval Office that involved a cigar.
The Republicans just opened a can of worms that could backfire on them with this being further proof of why President Trump needs to clean basically remove from his cabinet these weak appointees who are knowingly or unknowingly selling him out for they are working against Trump’s agenda they knew from day one.

But what this really amounts to is the possible death of a presidency still in its infancy...a death by a thousand a thousand lies and innuendos...all initiated by the hands of those who cannot accept the fact that their side lost. And if you think the Democrats and RINOS will accept what Special Council Mueller determines you are deluding yourself for this is war...a war still of words but a war nevertheless and a war that could escalate between the Democrats, their RINO cohorts, and the msm vs. 'We the People' and President Trump. 
And that is a cold hard fact whether some want to admit it or not.

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