Thursday, May 25, 2017

Of Course There’s Collusion

Without question, there’s collusion between campaigns, the White House and outside influencers, even foreign governments. It’s just not Donald Trump, the greatest opportunist to ever lift his leg and mark his territory in politics.
There’s little to know about Trump that’s not already in the sunshine, folks–except maybe his tax returns, but really they only confirm what we already know. In business, Trump would take a check from the Bank of Satan signed by Lucifer himself, if it could be cashed. He’d take Russian money, Chinese money, American money, Saudi money. If you look up the word “fungible” in an economics textbook, Trump’s picture graces the page.
If those who write Trump checks to build or brand buildings attach extraneous things–conditions–to the money, like “we want to influence you” or threats “we’ll expose thus and so,” they’re, frankly, stupid to believe Trump will live by those. Donald Trump might be the singular most unblackmailable person on Earth. Mostly because he doesn’t care and doesn’t leave any daylight between the truth and lies–it’s kind of like a permanent twilight to him.
The Russians are smarter than to believe they can influence Trump directly through collusion, because it takes two parties to collude. The Russians do what they do–it’s obvious they wanted to influence the election and tried their best (Trump would have won anyway). But Trump does what he wants to do, and if it happens to play to the Russians, that doesn’t make it collusion. ===>
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