Friday, May 12, 2017

Here Are 5 Pieces Of Evidence Trump Didn't Fire Comey Over The Clinton Investigation Foul-Up

The big question in the firing of FBI director James Comey remains the most obvious: why? As I wrote yesterday, there are two theories as to why Comey would be fired. The first: incompetence on the non-indictment of Hillary Clinton, followed by revelations of new material appearing on Anthony Weiner’s computer, followed by exoneration, followed by testimony before Congress making Comey appear even more incompetent. Under this theory, Trump wasn’t just justified in firing Comey, he should have done it months ago.
Then there’s the second theory: that Trump is covering something up, that Comey’s FBI investigation into Trump associates’ communications with Russia during the election cycle was reaching a tipping point, and that Trump dumped Comey to kill the investigation. Under this theory, it’s no coincidence that Trump knocked off Comey the same evening CNN reported that the FBI had issued subpoenas to associates of ousted National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, who is under investigation for his ties to the Russian government.
But here’s a third theory: Trump fired Comey because he was angry Comey was allowing the Russia investigation to drag along, and used Comey’s ridiculous Congressional testimony as a pretext for firing him. Under this theory, Trump isn’t necessarily guilty of collusion with Russia – at least not knowingly – and he’s merely ticked off that Comey appeared to be dragging his feet while refusing to state openly that he had no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.
There’s a lot of evidence to support this third theory. --->
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