Sunday, April 9, 2017

With Gorsuch Gambit, Democrats Claim The Stupid Party Label

Supreme Court: Trump derangement syndrome claimed its first victim today, when Senate Democrats decided to filibuster the appointment of the supremely qualified Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and ended up handing Trump and the GOP the opportunity to dramatically shift the ideological balance on the court.
As promised, Republicans responded to the Democrats' filibuster by changing Senate rules and eliminating the ability of the minority to filibuster this and future Supreme Court appointments.
On the conservative side, Gorsuch will get his seat on the court — which was a foregone conclusion once Trump appointed him — and the ideological balance will, at best, remain the same (and could, given the history of court appointments, easily drift leftward.)
What did the Democrats gain for their intransigence? Absolutely nothing.
Not only did they fail to block Gorsuch — and made themselves look petty and vindictive while attempting to do so — they gave up the only leverage they had for the next Supreme Court battle, which is likely to be over a seat now occupied by one of the liberals on the court.
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