Thursday, April 20, 2017

Trump: Why Slam China On Trade If They Help With North Korea?

Let me get this straight. Because China is willing to help him against the little fat blowhard in North Korea, lets give them a pass on trade/currency manipulation? I DON'T THINK SO:
President Donald Trump said Sunday he has no reason to punish China for its currency management practices as long as they are willing to help rein in North Korea.
Since the president took office, North Korea has conducted five missile tests and launched eight ballistic missiles. The reclusive regime has also tested high-thrust rocket engines for a potential intercontinental ballistic missile, and it looks like the North may soon conduct a sixth nuclear test.
Trump is determined to resolve this foreign policy crisis.
Trump said the Chinese “are not currency manipulators,” in a Wednesday interview with the Wall Street Journal, stepping back from past accusations that the Chinese are the “grand champions at manipulation of currency.”
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1 comment:

cimbri said...

Trumps a genius. This was his original strategy that was talked about during the campaign. It's great to see insight and common sense replace the stagnant ideas of past presidents.