Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ted Cruz: Another Supreme Court Vacancy Coming ‘very soon’ (includes Cruz's NRA speech)

Sen. Ted Cruz on Friday teased another looming U.S. Supreme Court vacancy, saying there’s a good chance there will be a chance for gun-rights activists to mobilize on the issue once more either this summer or next.
“I believe very soon we’re going to see another vacancy,” Mr. Cruz told attendees at the National Rifle Association lobbying arm’s “Leadership Forum” in Atlanta.
LISTEN above to Cruz's GREAT SPEECH at the NRA
“I think the odds are significant that we’ll see another vacancy either this summer or next summer,” he said.
“This next vacancy, I hope and pray that President Trump continues to honor his promise to nominate principled constitutionalist[s] who will ferociously defend the Bill of Rights.
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