Friday, April 21, 2017

SURPRISE Ya Got Took: The New York Democrat is a New York Democrat

During the campaign, Donald Trump published a “Contract with the American Voter,” and he may even have read it. He described the document as “my pledge to you.” If anybody had been listening, they might have learned from his former business partners what a Trump contract is worth and from his ex-wives what value he puts on a solemn pledge.
I have some bad news, Sunshine: Ya got took.
One of the items on Trump’s Contract with the American Voter was a reiteration of his vow to designate the People’s Republic of China a currency manipulator, which would enable the implementation of certain economic sanctions from the federal government. It was a dumb idea (every country that engages in monetary policy is a currency manipulator, “currency manipulator” being more or less Janet Yellen’s job description), but it was one that Trump stuck to — indeed, coming down on China for its economic policies is one of the few ideas to which Trump has consistently cleaved. (Before it was China, it was Japan, the other Asian Economic Superman that was going to eat our national lunch but never quite got around to doing so; India probably is next up for that dubious honor.) Every third word out of Trump’s mouth was “China.” And now? “They’re not currency manipulators,” he says.
Trump says this is just strategy, that China stopped manipulating its currency months ago; in reality, there has been no major change in Chinese monetary policy. He also says that bringing up the issue now would make it more difficult to get Beijing’s cooperation in dealing with North Korea. That is true. It was true six months ago. It was true six years ago. It may very well be true six years from now. This is a typical Trump pattern: Do nothing, declare the problem solved, claim victory. That isn’t deft diplomacy — it is a failure of nerve.
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