Sunday, April 2, 2017

Stop Obamacare Before It Becomes Another Human Right

There was plenty of misery to go around with last week’s healthcare fiasco. Whether it was President Donald Trump’s apparent disinterest in the plan or House Speaker Paul Ryan’s obvious failure to sell the American Healthcare Act to anyone but his immediate family, this was not the GOP’s finest hour. In fact, with Republican power residing in the executive and legislative branches of government and poised to dominate the judiciary, it is mind-boggling to think how pusillanimous and inept the majority party appeared last week.
It was like watching a film for which no one cared to write the conclusion to — or perhaps they just wished to improvise that part. So we have reports of Ryan on one knee and the pathetic withdrawal of the bill like a movie from general release after one hell of a bad premier. Back, back, back to the studio for some additional cuts and new dialogue — perhaps we’ll have a rerelease in another year.
Not acceptable folks. And what of this notion being trumpeted by RINO Senator Lindsey Graham that we just recline and await the inevitable collapse of Obamacare as it slides into oblivion?
Sounds somewhat reasonable until you think that nothing has ever stopped any government from maintaining an idiotic and wasteful program on bureaucratic life support indefinitely. That’s specifically what defines the accounts for the longevity of the welfare state: the inevitable infusion of government cash.
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