Monday, April 17, 2017

SMART PR: Border crossings by illegals with children down 93% since December

A nifty analysis by Reuters that helps explain the broader decline in illegal border crossings since Trump took office.
Just one question: What happens when would-be illegals realize that Trump is bluffing?
In December, 16,000 parents and children were apprehended; in March, a month in which immigration typically increases because of temperate weather, the number was just over 1,100…
Trump has spoken about the need to crack down broadly on all illegal immigrants. But, internally, according to the DHS officials familiar with the department’s strategy, his administration has focused on one immigrant group more than others: women with children, the fastest growing demographic of illegal immigrants. This planning has not been previously reported.
In the months since Trump’s inauguration, DHS has rolled out a range of policies aimed at discouraging women from attempting to cross the border, including tougher initial hurdles for asylum claims and the threat of prosecuting parents [as human traffickers] if they hire smugglers to get their families across the border…
For months, Central Americans had heard about Trump’s get-tough policies. And public service announcements on radio and television presented bleak pictures of what awaited those who traveled north. Some of the ads were funded by the United States, others by United Nations agencies and regional governments.
The linchpin of the PR strategy was having U.S. officials float the idea publicly of separating mothers from their children after they’re caught here and detained. --->
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