Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Nothing Happened in North Korea Because Trump’s Plan Seems To Be Working

Here it is, just about midnight ending April 15 in Pyongyang (as I’m writing this), with North Korea having done nothing spectacular to celebrate its founder (and basically its god), Kim Il Sung’s birthday. Oh, there was parading in the street, but no nuclear test, and no missile launch.
All the breathless reporting by every news network practically guaranteeing that Armageddon is at hand turned out to be wasted because the Norks carefully decided it wasn’t worth an actual American response on their most important holiday.
Instead, North Korea “showed off two new intercontinental ballistic missile-sized canisters as well as displaying its submarine-launched ballistic missile and a land-based version of the same for the first time,” CNN reported, “according to analysts.”
The Norks strutted in a parade through the streets of its capital. These weapons could be operational, or they could be props. I’m sure someone in the U.S. intelligence community has a good idea which they are, but in the end, parading something doesn’t accomplish anything.
Read the rest from Steve Berman HERE.

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