Monday, April 24, 2017

NOT GOOD: We’re Apparently Stuck With That Australian Refugee Deal After All

Earlier this month I was asking what, if anything, was going to happen with the Obama era refugee deal which had been struck with Australia. They’ve got thousands of migrants, primarily from Iraq, Syria and other troubled regions, basically stuck in some island camps where they are coming into conflict with the local residents. The United States had said that we would be taking more than a thousand of them off their hands, but the President somewhat famously referred to it as “a dumb deal” he would have to study.
I suppose the study period is over because we got our answer from Vice President Pence when he stopped off in the Land Down Under this week. We still don’t like the deal, but it’s going to go through. Not, however, without the United States getting something in return. (NBC News)
Australian Prime Minister Gets Grilled by Reporters Over 
Trump Phone Call
Vice President Mike Pence said on Saturday the United States would honor a controversial refugee deal with Australia which means 1,250 asylum seekers will be rehomed in America — a deal President Donald Trump had described as “dumb”.
Pence told a joint news conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney that the deal would be subject to vetting, and that honoring it “doesn’t mean that we admire the agreement”.
“We will honor this agreement out of respect to this enormously important alliance,” Pence said at Turnbull’s harbor side official residence in Sydney.
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