Thursday, April 6, 2017

No, It’s Not Time For The GOP To Embrace Single-Payer

Donald Trump’s voters did not sign themselves up for Barack Obama’s third term.
What should President Trump do about the defeat of RyanCare? After House Speaker Paul Ryan’s health-care bill stalled in the House, Trump suggested he might just leave Obamacare in place and let it explode
No one else seems to want that, though. Some conservatives are trying to revive the effort to repeal and replace, in May or maybe even sooner. Many on the Left have seized on the failure of Ryan’s American Health Care Act as a sign that it’s time for Democrats to work with Trump on a single-payer health care system that “takes care of everybody,” as Trump himself promised during his presidential campaign.
...reinventing the Republican Party as a party of 
working Americans...
It’s not just the Left. Frank Buckley, the conservative law professor and author who helped organize “Scholars and Writers for Trump,” agrees: it’s time for Trump to embrace single-payer. In a recent column for the New York Post, Buckley doesn’t try to make a policy argument for a Canada-style national health-care system, he makes a political argument for it.
Buckley believes RyanCare’s defeat could be a triumph for the Trump agenda, “if used wisely as a means of reinventing the Republican Party as a party of working Americans of all races and ethnicities. Split the Republican Party, if need be.”
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