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Investigative Report: A Presidential Advisor or Manipulator?

Investigative Report:
A Presidential Advisor or Manipulator?
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots

Syria is a country at war with itself now replete with chemical weapons being used on civilians with each side blaming the other. A war that is not and must not be our war but a war drawing us in via some calculatingly clever and evil men on both sides of our political aisle…men working in tandem to force us into not just that war…but men who actually relish in starting a war with Russia. A hoped for war that will not only see the islamists being able to takeover Syria while we are kept busy fighting an enemy we have been manipulated into believing is such, but a war so that the Trump presidency will fail and fall as will our country as well, thus allowing for the ‘One World Government’ sorts to move in and take over.

A war of politics actually both in Syria and here in these United States for while Syria sees the physical bloodshed and horrors of war there is a man here within our own ranks…within the Trump administration itself…who we Right Side Patriots believe is giving our president tainted, misplaced, and partial at best information leaving our president to make decisions that are truly not in America’s best interests but done with a heart believing that they are.

And the traitor of sorts is a man who is willfully both misguided and misinformed about who and what is the true enemy we face, but a man who might or might not even know or realize that he is being used to do the bidding of those wishing us all dead.

But before we tell you who, in our opinion, the traitor within President Trump’s administration is you must understand the true dynamics of both the Middle East itself and how neither we nor Russia can afford another Viet Nam or Afghanistan respectively. So manipulation now becomes the key word of the day as it is manipulation that sees us facing a possibility of World War III…a war that will have no real winner…but a war that just might see civilization as we know it changed forever and not necessarily for the better.

Briefly, the Middle East has been in trouble ever since ancient times when God Our Father gave His promised land to the Jewish people and not to the Arabs. But the modern-day conflicts started at the turn of the 20th century when the Ottoman Empire fell, and when on May 19, 1916 the Sykes-Picot Treaty carved up said now fallen Ottoman Empire’s lands. Basically, this treaty created what we know as the modern Middle East nations…new nations created not by taking into account local identities and political preferences but nations simply created with a ruler and a pen…created in such a way as to allow British and French spheres of influence to take over these newly created nations at the expense of Arab culture and nationalism.

And here started the slow down slide to where we are today as this secret treaty went against pledges already given by the British to the Hāshimite kingdom’s Ḥusayn ibn ʿAlī, sharif of Mecca…a man who was ready to bring the Arabs of the Hejaz into revolt against the Turks on the understanding that he would, when victorious, receive a much more sizable share of the lands along with the right to rule over said lands.

And while the allied Conference of San Remo in April 1920 tried to appease Ḥusayn ibn ʿAlī and those loyal to him with a slight redrawing of the borders, the stage had already been set for mistrust between the Western and Arab nations with that mistrust reaching a boiling point with the 1948 creation of the Jewish State of Israel. And why…because the Arabs believed this land was rightfully theirs and theirs alone, and the Biblical promises and the U.N. mandate be damned.

Now we also need to understand and accept as fact the three main differences between our two civilizations…Western and islamic…and that they are in play in this whole sordid mess that is reaching a breaking point via the conflict in Syria. And fact one is that our two cultures are diametrically opposite of each other with we in the West cherishing life above all else while islam’s followers cherish only death in the name of allah. Fact two is that Western rule of law…in our case the Constitution…is not nor will it ever be compatible with islamic rule of law…as in the sharia. And it is the sharia that the qur’an mandates its followers not only live by and obey but that they accept it as the highest rule of law over all other law.

And lastly fact three, a fact totally overlooked by most but a fact that is actually at the core of the whole mess and that is that the islamists…the terrorists…are the true followers of islam for they are doing what the qur’an commands them to do, as in “kill the infidels wherever you may find them…” (Sura 9:5), which is but just one of at least 109 verses that call muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of islamic rule…meaning those who are not islamists are not true qur’anic followers of islam but who are being both played and used by those who are.

Now with that said let us go back to when President Trump appointed General Michael T. Flynn to be his National Security Advisor. General Flynn ‘got it’…he understood who the enemy was…as in islam itself…and he knew well that the followers of islam could not exist in peace within our borders. General Flynn was in no way islamaphobic but was and remains a pragmatist who refused to sugar coat the truth for the sake of political correctness. He told the truth about islam and about its followers…muslims…and do not let anyone fool you into thinking he was ‘let go’ because he had conversations with Russians, for General Mike Flynn, we believe, was forced out because of his stance on islam and for no other reason alone…forced out by those who either feared a backlash by muslims here in our country if he remained in his position or who actually were islamic condoners and sympathizers themselves.

Did President Trump know this…we do not believe so for he, as would most president’s, only acted upon information supplied to him by those he felt he could trust. And who would ever think that the Democrats would raise such a brouhaha over one of their own for General Flynn while a Democrat is a military man first…a military man whose hard line stance against islam, his pro-Israel leanings, his criticism of Obama’s personal relationship to and his condoning of islam, coupled with his approach to the Middle East in general all led to his firing by Obama. But know that if General Flynn had remained as President Trump’s National Security Advisor we would not be in the position we now see ourselves facing in Syria today.

“The only way to win this war is to “win the hearts and minds of the enemy”…these are the words of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Now who said these words…”the term ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ angers the Muslim world, stokes anti-American fires, and endangers U.S. troops and national security.” And these words, “U.S. forces must understand the history and social dynamics of the countries it is fighting in, and to have ‘empathy’ for the people among whom these wars are fought.’” And who when asked about his words regarding “radical islamic terrorism” said that the “terrorist threat America faces has nothing to do with ‘true’ islam.”

Nothing to do with ‘true’ islam…we so beg to differ and the 109 qur’anic verses above so stated disagree with those words as well…words directly from the mouth of Lt. General H.R. McMaster…a Democrat and President Trump’s replacement for General Flynn and the very man who has called ISIS an “irreligious” problem, viewing its islamist ideology as a perversion of islam.

And it is this man who we believe is the traitor within the Trump administration…maybe not willingly a traitor but a traitor nevertheless because of his foolishly not understanding who the true enemy is…as in all of islam for islam is not a religion of degrees. In fact, islam is not a religion at all but an all-encompassing political system, therefore how can one who does not understand the true nature of the enemy give the president the best possible advice on how to fight that enemy…simply they cannot.

Also, when one holds to Obama’s politically correct rhetoric that islam is a religion of peace hijacked by those like ISIS who are using islam solely to push forward their terrorist agenda…forgetting that they are actually doing the qur’an’s bidding… they also simply cannot.

And know this accusation we make against a highly decorated military man is one that we do not take lightly for the facts…tangible realities coupled with an indisputable timeline of sorts…all sadly point in this direction. And know that even the great can fall from political grace, especially if they are fooled by a heart hardened by the horrors of war…a heart misplaced in the enemy camp instead of with one’s own.

So now let’s start with a brief timeline of sorts and the fact that since Lt. General McMaster became President Trump’s National Security Advisor…the man who still refuses to call the enemy ISIS preferring instead ISIL as in his shout-out to the Levant…the situation not only in Syria but throughout the muslim world and the West has gone from bad to worse what with terrorist attacks increasing by the day.

And McMaster’s timeline started even before he was appointed to this position with his saying back in July 2016, that the war in Syria had in fact strengthening “Russia’s subversive efforts in Europe” while straining America’s European allies who were already under pressure from the increased inflow of migrants. And here we first see that General McMaster does not understand that it is not Russia’s involvement in Europe that should raise a red flag, but that it is the leaders of Europe themselves who opened their doors to the still ongoing muslim invasion..

And this comes after a 2015 speech at the University of South Florida where General McMaster said that “the military-industrial complex may represent a greater threat to us than at any time in history”…the very military-industrial complex that President Trump is trying so hard to rebuild after the eight years of Obama’s cutting our military expenditures to lows not seen in decades…and he said so knowing well that our military-industrial complex is not the enemy…islam…or in his world ‘islamic terrorism’…is.

If one cannot identify who the enemy is…if one cannot even say the enemy’s name… how can one successfully fight said enemy or offer the best possible advice to the president to do so…again simply they cannot.

And when one does give the president wrong information…whether deliberately or just through their being misinformed…the outcome is the same…actions based upon lies and misinformation
Read more about General McMaster’s true feelings and hear his very words about islam here: http://thepatriotfactor.blogspot.com/2017/03/op-ed-manipulation-of-willful-ignorance.html

At this point it is important to understand exactly what the duties of the president’s National Security Advisor are.

The role of any National Security Advisor is to accurately and without bias determine who or what the enemy is, assess threats, and to advise the President regarding appropriate actions to eliminate or deal with the aftermath of threats posed by our enemies. The National Security Advisor must see things through the lens of reality and not through the prism of either how things are presented by our enemies, or through the clouded vision of political filters.

In these terms, General McMaster simply is the wrong man for the position, and we will point out two major issues that highlight our belief that General McMaster is not seeing things clearly, or with a focus on reality.

Syria, as an example, is a very complex case in point, and would take a good deal more time and space to delve into than we have here, so with that in mind, we will provide the nutshell version of it for you.

Syria is involved in a civil war, but it is a good deal unlike most such wars in that nearly every civil war has two clear sides. Syria, on the other hand, is involved in what we will refer to as a triangular civil war with the first corner of the triangle being al-Assad and his dictatorship. The second corner would be the Free Syrian Army, which is opposed to the dictatorship and the brutality that al-Assad has brought to bear against his own people in order to maintain his dictatorship through the years.

The third corner in this triangular civil war is where things get considerably more murky, as that corner consists of numerous and various islamist factions of which some have estimated to be in the hundreds, if not nearly a thousand. Some of those factions are organic, some are splinters of major islamist organizations such as ISIS or al-Qaeda, and yet others are splinters of the splinter groups. Making things even more difficult to sort out is the fact that some of the numerous and various factions are aligned with one another, while others have agendas divergent of their origins, or divergent of the major group affiliations.

The Free Syrian Army opposes al-Assad and wishes to topple the al-Assad regime for a secular, democratic form of government and are thusly engaged in war against the government forces controlled by al-Assad.

The numerous and various factions of islamists while also engaged against al-Assad, want nothing to do with either a democratic nor a secular form of government, and want instead total control of not only Syria but the entire Middle East as a caliphate, in the name of islam. However, within those factions, within the splinter groups and the splinters of the splinter groups, are those who are vying for control of the caliphate, or in the bigger picture, vying to control their desired Levant, which puts them at odds with and in combat against not only al-Assad, but against the Free Syrian Army and other islamist factions and groups.

While the easy idea is to simply allow all of them to devour themselves and stay out of it altogether, that, in reality, does not work as the threats posed effect not only our own strategic interests in the region but the survival of our closest allies in the Middle East as well. And the situation in Syria, allowed to continue as it is, will only further destabilize the region to the point where the only possible outcome, if left to their own devises, would be the Levant.

There are three realities present in Syria. One being that al-Assad is a bad guy who has, in the past, been as brutal as any dictator has been, and will continue as such should he be allowed to remain in power. The second reality is that, aside from the Free Syrian Army, the ‘rebel’ factions and splinter groups are, in fact, islamists, hell-bent on both the caliphate and their end-game of the Levant which includes, of course, the total elimination of Israel from the face of the earth.

The third reality, with regard to Syria and the entire Middle East as a region, is that islam is the enemy of the civilized world.

So, politics are most clearly in play within Syria in this triangular civil war, and it is most assuredly more complex than our nutshell compressed explanation, but it is not just the politics of Syria that has muddled General McMaster’s thinking which, we believe, has led him to provide to President Trump some very bad advice. There is also the fact that politics inside the beltway is decisively clouding both the vision and the advice of General McMaster.

Unlike General Flynn, who was fired by Barack Hussein Obama due to the fact that he saw islam not only as a political ideology rather than as a religion but because he saw islam as the true enemy, General McMaster was left in place by Obama because McMaster’s views regarding islam were an almost perfect match to those of his own, and because Obama also saw McMaster as one who shared his own liberal political ideology.

McMaster, as previously stated, views islam as a religion and as a religion of peace, while viewing only a handful of bad actors as being the enemy. Those bad actors, in the eyes of General McMaster, are rogues who have bastardized what is an otherwise peaceful religion for their own barbaric ends. McMaster sees them as the bad guys, individuals on a misguided mission, but not at all as following the concepts, or precepts of islam as a whole, which are clearly defined by the qur’an.

As we have outlined earlier via McMastar’s own quotes, he follows in lock-step with the liberal ideology on islam that it is not only a religion, but that it should be coddled, empathized with and embraced, and his words echo the words of Obama right down the line…words of a liberal ideology that also pervades our public school system, as children are being force-fed the propaganda of islam, rather than being taught the reality that islam is not a religion, but a destructive invasive force as a political ideology.

McMaster, as a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, is much more apt, we believe, to excuse the barbaric whole of islam, while holding to account only a handful of its practitioners. And like most liberals, he would be quick to offer up examples of other cultures, such as European cultures, who have accepted islam into their own, but also like nearly all liberals, McMaster would stop short, as no one can offer up examples of islam blending into the cultures of others, as such examples simply do not exist.

This is exactly why, we believe, President Trump has made a grave error in placing General H.R. McMaster into the position of National Security Advisor. McMaster is, at best, an apologist for islam, or at worst, an islamist sympathizer, but either way he exhibits the exact same line of thinking and actions in his new position as did Obama when he was president.

As islam really is the enemy, not only our enemy but the enemy of our allies and of the civilized world, having General McMaster as the National Security Advisor is no different than having Barack Hussein Obama as our National Security Advisor…a very dangerous concept indeed.

So, given all of this, and with the complexities involved in providing solid and actionable advice to the Commander in Chief, why would President Trump have chosen someone like McMaster for the job to begin with?
Simply, he did not. To begin with Trump chose General Michael Flynn. McMaster was his pick after Flynn was forced to resign due to what we suspect was bogus innuendo linking Flynn to supposedly illegal contact with Russia, of which no proof has ever been brought forward, but this opens the conversation to a broader issue.

Why has President Trump shown a preference for generals in this high-level advisory post? We believe there are a few aspects to this question which bear examination.

First, we believe that President Trump is playing to his Conservative base in adding a number of high ranking military people to his cabinet or to certain advisory positions, because he is well aware that his base, those responsible for elevating him to first, the nomination, and then to the White House, have a deep, and genuine distrust of politicians. That was, after all, Trump’s primary selling point during the campaign, that he was not a politician, and therefore, in order not to appear as a business as usual president, Trump has chosen military personnel…a general…as his National Security Advisor. And generals also play a key role in appealing to the Conservative base, in that the admiration of and for the military from Conservatives runs as deep as their lack of admiration for politicians.

Second, in a word…gravitas. President Trump, being a businessman rather than a politician, knows well that his presidency, optically at least, was lacking in gravitas, and therefore, we believe he either felt the need, or was perhaps advised to add gravitas wherever he could, and generals are about as weighty as it gets in that department.

Having a general in charge of the military, as a Secretary of Defense or as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is one thing, but appointing generals to key advisory positions may well be another thing altogether. Why…because regardless of how good any given general is on the ground or inside the Pentagon, as either a strategist or Commander, they are much better at taking advice, disseminating it and developing a plan of action or attack based upon that advice than they are at giving advice. Generals also follow directives coming from the Pentagon or directly from the Commander-in-Chief via the Pentagon, usually without allowing their personal feelings or political ideologies to get in the way of their duty, but when you take them out of that role and turn them into advisors, it seems inevitable that they revert directly to their innate base political ideology.

It is, simply put, the difference between giving military orders and providing political advice, and to be perfectly blunt about it, the role of a National Security Advisor is as innately political as General McMaster is innately liberal.

The best choice for President Trump to fill the position of National Security Advisor, we believe, would have been former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton, a man who both understands, in great detail, the complexities of every political situation around the globe, has a clear vision of exactly who and what the enemy is, and is as skilled at dealing with the ever-changing worldwide chess game as anyone could be as he has spent a great deal of time over several decades sparring with all of the various players.

And here we bring you back to but one cause and effect of that chess game as it relates to the most recent events in Syria…the April 4th ‘supposed’ sarin gas attack on innocent civilians.
With our belief that President Trump is now being misled by General McMaster, the Obama holdovers in the Pentagon, and in the F.B.I. and C.I.A…holdovers that are anything but his friends…now comes a shocking 9-page report by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy, Theodore Postol, who not only challenged the latest obviously false claims, but who had in 2013 exposed similar allegations
against Bashir al-Assad that also turned out to be false.

And when a man with the credentials that Professor Postol has says that a main piece of evidence actually cited in the White House report points to individuals on the ground executing the attack and not from aircraft as we are being led to believe…it must be noted that this type of erroneous information regarding something as serious as an airdrop on civilians could only reach the president via his National Security Advisor.

“If there were any sarin present at this location when this photograph was taken everybody in the photograph would have received a lethal or debilitating dose of sarin,” he wrote. “The fact that these people were dressed so inadequately either suggests a complete ignorance of the basic measures needed to protect an individual from sarin poisoning, or that they knew that the site was not seriously contaminated.”   

And Professor Postol, via this report, has also given additional validity to our suppositions of who is behind the actual attack and the why, as in our Investigative Report: ‘Syria…Evidence and Truth,’ which you can read at: http://thepatriotfactor.blogspot.com/2017/04/investigativereport-syria.html

“What the country is now being told by the White House cannot be true…and the fact that this information has been provided in this format raises the most serious questions about the handling of our national security.” And no one should doubt those words…not with the likes of James Comey and crew still a large part of our intelligence gathering community. 

“Like in 2013, U.S. intelligence reports were wrong…something is extremely problematic with U.S. intelligence reports…an infrared launch of the rocket could be seen but no intelligence could tell where a rocket landed because there was no flash from impact…no intelligence expert who knows anything about this business would argue this…” Professor Postol also stated and when one puts two and two together along with the fact that this 2017 report “mimics” the 2013 report that was proven false means a traitor exists in the administration…and again we believe it is National Security Advisor General H.R. McMaster…one of the few generals Obama did not fire.

And Professor Postol’s disclosures are based upon proven unquestionable scientific facts…something government reports in instances regarding the game of politics like to keep hidden…especially when that political game could involve sending American troops back into yet another theater of war.

Read the professor’s full 9-page report and the 4-page White House report here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Vs2rjE9TdwR2F3NFFVWDExMnc/view

See an interview with Professor Postol regarding his report here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqSHDJ2HpI8

And who does the president rely on for this critical type of information…his National Security Advisor above all else. And when that advisor’s vision has been tainted by the leftist agenda of the party he belongs to you know decisions are being made unbeknownst to the president that are based upon information not in America’s best interest given to him by a man whose allegiances must be questioned.

With Syria and the recent developments there as our example, it seems quite clear to us that the advice given by General McMaster to President Trump was tainted and bias based upon the political ideology…the liberal political ideology…shared by McMaster and Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Political bias in a National Security Advisor is dangerous, and as such a bias clearly exists in General McMaster for he is not a presidential advisor at all, rather, he is a manipulator.

And while we know that some will be aghast as to who we believe the traitor in the Trump White House is, know that we do not make this accusation against General H.R. McMaster…a decorated and respected member of our military…without us believing that his actions, beliefs, and his own words did not point us in this very direction.

And in this time of war…a war of clashing civilizations and ideologies…words said and actions taken are paramount…whether said and done in the past or in the present…and become the stuff of not only political fodder but of questions asked that must be answered. And answer them we did, and whether our supposition is correct or not the fact remains that there are things that have been done since General Michael Flynn was removed from his position in the Trump administration that simply do not add up…bad things that the media is trying to get us to be believe as they push forward their liberal agenda, our president believing another agenda, and with an MIT professor possibly being the very one to stop us from doing what is ever so wrong for both our beloved America and for a country called Syria…a country still at war with itself.

Investigative Reports…Copyright © 2017 Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots


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Anonymous said...

Trump told us he seeks regime change in Syria. Regime change? for what purpose? The Shah was far less savage than the Khomeini Regime is to their People in Iran. I see that Trump is an imperialist like his fellow Democrats.

Morsi in Egypt only used an election to bring in savage, barbaric, terrorist muslim brotherhood rule, and he betrayed his voters when he disbanded their judicial and legislative chambers. Egypt fortunately put Morsi in prison. Morsi promised to NOT install terrorists as regional governors, but then he DID.

Gaddafi is gone. In what way are terrorists there better than Gaddafi.

And when we did regime change on Saddam Hussein, ISIS was handed the place. So what would improve by regime change in Syria? No, we have no friends in Syria, they are not allies at all.

Gaddafi warned Assad that once hillary murdered him, Assad would be next. So please realize this scam for what it is. Nobody should be sent to Syria to fight; if Trump wants to fight in Syria, he should go there himself ALONE.
We don't want to go to Syria.

We withdrew from Iraq, ISIS took over. Our life's blood wasted. Obama gave the enemy the date of our withdrawal: obama created ISIS.

We have NO reason to go back and fight in Syria. The Democrats have tried and tried to use our military in Syria for Sharia for years now. STOP DEMOCRAT TRUMP NOW. If we allow American troops to fight in Syria, we would formally become a state sponsor of terror.

At first they said Trump went to Syria to attack Assad. Now they say we're there attacking ISIS. Which is true?

Anonymous said...

"Moderate" Obama & McMaster sought for years to use force to enable ISIS terrorists to rule in the middle east, the terrorists who are the very people that they claim are not islamic.

I've seen the pattern. Those who argue that islam is moderate, are the same people who have spent their lives calling for the destruction of the United States.

I refuse to get into a war with Russia. I loathe ISIS far more than Putin's Russia. I want our troops home. Trump using that sarin-gas-obama ploy is SICK and EVIL.

Anonymous said...

I never liked how Obama behaved as though he knew who was Islam, and who was not. Why did he feel that was his call to make? Muslims are highly divided on that topic, and I resent that Obama pulls it out of thin air that he had the right to use the blood of American men in the middle east to get his personal dreams.

Since Obama was desperate to use U.S. Naval power to shape his muslim dreams, I refuse to approve of Trump continuing Obama's dream to take "boots on the ground" into Syria. It is not "boots" on the ground, it is American lives and blood.

But my anger goes even far deeper here. It is nauseating that a twerp like McMaster holds such high office in America. America is strong allies and supporters of Israel, we love them. We need intelligent people to lead.

One has to be VERY dumb to consider Islam moderate. Muslims of Turkey slaughtered millions of Christians. Muslim allies of Adolf Hitler were true believer Nazi SS Divisons and key to slaughtering millions of Jews in Germany's WW2. Child molesting, female genital mutilations and denigration of women in Islamic majority nations is FAR from moderate.

Most Muslims are working toward annihilating Jews, Israel, and Christians. They plan (sharia) to stomp out everyone else who won't be Muslim soon after they've gassed the bulk of these first groups. Islamic countries are intolerant, anti-human rights, and most ANXIOUSLY they want the destruction of Israel, Jews, and Christians.

Most if not all Islamic countries joined Barack Husseini Obama in that vile UN Resolution last December, his lame-duck dirty deed. Israel was re-established formally by the UN, so they were calling the UN itself unlawful!!!!!

It is abhorrent that a person of the 21st Century could call Islam "moderate." McMaster is a retard and cannot lead in America, he is not a reliable commander because we know and feel Israel is our dearest ally.

Nobody who considers Islam "moderate" has the intelligence to lead Americans and our troops, they certainly are low information. Recall our troops and fire McMaster.

Diane Sori said...

NO argument on anything anyone said.