Friday, April 21, 2017

How Do Americans Feel About Trump? ALL THE LATEST POLLS

Facing a largely hostile media and having suffered a series of self-made political setbacks, President Trump's approval numbers have been stuck in the low-40s for weeks — well below most presidents at this stage in their presidency. Though the average of the national polls still has him underwater in overall job approval, Trump has seen positive movement in some recent polls, particularly Rasmussen's daily presidential tracking poll, which shows him finally hitting the 50 percent-mark again after sinking as low as 42 percent. Trump is maintaining a slight edge on his handling of the economy but is still struggling when it comes to perception of his handling of foreign policy, even with recent polls showing general support for his response to Syria.
Below are the latest results from national polls tracking presidential job approval, including on the economy and foreign policy, opinions on the direction of the country, and congressional approval.
ALL the latest poll results are HERE.

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