Saturday, April 8, 2017

Congressman Opposing Cruz For Senate Goes On Profanity-Laden Rant Defending ILLEGALS

“What the F**k are these guys doing to us in DC?!” – in a live video posted to his campaign Facebook Page, Democratic Congressman Robert “Beto” O’Rourke is heard repeatedly using profane language to describe his opinions on Senator Ted Cruz and President Donald Trump’s immigration views, followed each time by loud applause from the audience in El Paso, Texas. The event in his hometown on Friday was part of his campaign launch for U.S. Senate to oppose Ted Cruz in 2018. His speech was peppered with passionate defenses of an open border policy with Mexico. He told the crowd several stories about illegal immigrants that won high sports or military honors, at one point yelling “f**k that!” when he told about a hotel that turned away a baseball team of Mexican-American students back in 1949 – a decade and a half before Republicans in Congress passed the Civil Rights Act.
Congressman O’Rourke can be heard bragging about his district’s large population of illegals, saying that he is proud to represent them in Washington, and that cities along the Mexican border were safer than the average city elsewhere in the United States. In describing people who crossed the Mexican border illegally, he stated, “Let’s be under no illusion – they come to make sure that all of us – this country – that we get ahead. And that’s why we’re special in El Paso, Texas.” He wrapped up his fiery speech with a passionate disclaimer for why he was running for Senate: “so that we can have the best f**king answer moving forward for our kids!”
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