Wednesday, March 29, 2017

YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: Subsidizing Elite Colleges That Produce Intolerant Bigots

College Aid: Next time you hear about students attacking a conservative speaker, check the school's tuition costs. Odds are you'll find that they are attending an elite college that caters to the rich. Money can't buy love, but it can, apparently, teach intolerance.
In early March, distinguished author and social scientist Charles Murray was scheduled to talk at Middlebury College, a Vermont school that charges $64,000 a year in tuition. Several students erupted in noisy demonstrations that ended up with the 74-year-old Murray being shoved and Middlebury political science professor Allison Singer in a neck brace.
The attack was so vicious and unwarranted that even some liberals — who normally ignore such outbursts when they target conservatives — were shocked.
They should hardly have been surprised. Elite schools that cater mainly to the children of wealthy parents have become havens for militant, narrow-minded and often-violent bigots.
Researchers at the liberal-leaning Brookings Institution looked at 90 attempts by college students to disinvite speakers — who tend mostly to be conservative — since 2014.
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