Thursday, March 23, 2017

Your move, Ted Cruz: Mike Lee, Tom Cotton say they’re voting no on the House health-care bill

NOTE: In fairness to Ted Cruz, he indicated the other day that he won't vote for the health care bill as it stands. I haven't seen anything to the contrary:
This is being read as a signal to House conservatives to stay strong before Thursday’s big vote. Probably right, especially since Americans for Prosperity also came out against the bill this afternoon. But there’s a wrinkle.
I promised the people of Utah I would do everything I can to repeal #Obamacare. The House bill does not do that. I am a no. #FullRepeal
— Mike Lee (@SenMikeLee) March 21, 2017
What’s the wrinkle? Well, like Ed said here, the more confident conservatives in the House are that the Senate will end up killing the bill, the freer they might feel to pass the damned thing in the expectation that the other chamber will euthanize it. Lee’s opposition, which increases the odds that the bill will fail given the GOP’s narrow Senate majority, might paradoxically bolster the case for voting for it in the House. But there’s a wrinkle to the wrinkle: Other House Republicans might conclude that there’s no point casting a tough vote for an unpopular bill that’s headed for the trash bin in the Senate. It’s one thing to hold your nose and vote for something that actually succeeds in unseating ObamaCare, it’s another thing to take the plunge for Trump and then have Mike Lee and the conservatives in the Senate make it all for naught. If you’re a House GOPer expecting some tough health-care attack ads from Democrats in 2018 if you vote yes, why would you vote yes unless you’re confident of success in the Senate too?
It’s a difficult calculation for the House. Here’s Tom Cotton making it even more difficult: --> 
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